Life just keeps flying by!

Is it really already mid-September?!? Holy cow!!!

With the change of the season my internal balance has been a bit off. I relate it to the likes of a bear getting ready for hibernation; more tired/fatigued, binge eating, and moody lol
Thankful for the changes I have made in my life the last 9 months. Truly do not think my body or mind could cope right now if I had not.
What's going on that I need to cope with?
Well... I had my 1st Art Show :-) the stress leading up to it was crazy to say the least. The actual show had a positive response.. people liked my art = phew ;-)
(You can view my art at Deluxe Tattoo, Steamboat Springs, CO, until the 27th of September. You can also purchase it through Deluxe ;-)

As well I was/am still working full time in the General Contracting Industry, as well as trying to run my business in Summit County; I say try as my temp phone does not like to cooperate with me and is making it pretty difficult to run my biz.
Plus side is my boss and I are working to grow both of our businesses. Makes for an excited Sam ;-)
Most recently we became dealers & installers of Ballew's Aluminum Products in Colorado. They make everything from Insulated Rooms (Sunrooms/Solariums), to Carports & Covered Patios. Goes along nicely with the window (and siding) company we already work with. if you live in Colorado and are looking for quality small business for home remodeling/services, contact me! ;-) :-)

Other things going on: my son.
Fifth grade so far is going well. He seems to enjoy school this year; so far. His behavior, minus the ever developing snarky attitude that comes with pre-teen years, seems to have improved... so far. Overall the 5th grade school year is going better than 4th grade. So far. ;-)
My tactics? Take each day as it comes ;-) Positivity begets Positivity :-) and don't forget, Deep Breaths ;-)

On another note, My Health.
I promised updates, and I do so try to keep my promises :-)
We are on 3 months now of taking the vitamins/supplements my docs want me to take in combo with Juice Plus Trio Capsules.
I still see improvements. Recently the biggest would be my son landed up with a Back to School Bug; it lasted over a week. The last 2 years these bugs have Taken. Me. Down! lol This year? Not until I decided to have a night on the town did it get me (damn partying lowering your immune system for a night lol). Buuut I was only sick for 48 hours!!! And I wasn't even really "sick". I had a sinus infection (stuffed up, nasal drip, headache, fever). So I was still able to work and do my daily life :-) I attribute this to the fact my Trio Whole Food Nutrition Capsules help boost my immune system. Gotta love #Phytonutrients!!! :-D
Only true problem I am having right now deals with my Arthritis. I am working with my Chiropractor on this. Things are coming along nicely :-)

....I think that is the news here...
I am getting ready to do a blog post with the pics I have taken on my camera in the last little while... you know since I don't have my beloved SG4 anymore to share as I go through life (on Instagram) :-( ;-)

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. :-)


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