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Gluten Free: Why do you care?

Ok folks. I am soooooooo over people bashing those of us whom are gluten free for health reasons (or just by choice).What's so hard to understand?
I am lactose & dairy protein intolerant, sensitive to red meat/heavy protein, and gluten/wheat/fodmap intolerant. (Notice the protein connection here???) I also have to limit fried foods, processed foods, refined sugars and the like as my body doesn't digest many foods the way an average person's G.I. system would.
Why do people whom don't understand my physical/health issues feel the need to bash me/give me a hard time/try to prove I can in fact eat gluten?
Yes, I CAN eat gluten.
Yes, I chose to eat gluten from time to time when I feel up to suffering the consequences.
YES I am gluten intolerant/sensitive, and yes it does cause me negative (health) effects when I do consume gluten on a regular basis/over indulge (sometimes only a little hurts me).
And yes I chose to eat gluten free.Why do you have a problem with me b…

My job... no career :-)

I am working towards making my home service business a LLC. With learning the basics of the general contracting trade the last 5 months I have realized I love it, and REALLY love tiling!!!
I thought I would share some pics of a couple of the jobs I have done. (I am waiting for a co-worker to send me over a few more to edit and share.)
Do you have a career?
Something you love to do?
Did you know there are studies that prove working a job you don't have a passion for is actually bad for you health?
I hope everyone can figure out their passion and go for it!!!
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love

Political Posts

The politic posts have begun :-P
Really quick;
Democrat is no better than Republican
Republican is no better than Democrat
And same goes for all other parties.
(I bet most of you can't even tell me how the parties have changed since their formation! 1 - 2 - 3 - GO!!! ;-) )Vote for the people that best represent what you feel is most effective for our country as a whole. What we vote in at the city, county, and state level does play a part in federal politics. Votes matter on all levels! (And remember, we are the American Society, not the America of 1 ; don't be selfish in your political, economic, and the like beliefs.)So get out and have your voice be heard! Educate Yourself and Vote!
But please, I repeat, PLEASE quit with the name calling, putting down party lines, etc. It gets you no where but looking like a jerk. It doesn't educate or change the way anyone thinks/feels. And last but not least PLEASE stop thinking you're insulting me (and others with views like min…

Flu Vaccines

My response to all the posts I have seen lately that are either pro or against vaccines,"(I don't read this stuff lol) reason I don't get vaccines for my son or myself?
I was raised by a nurse. A nurse who drilled it into my head that our bodies build immunities by being exposed to things. That bugs get stronger the more we vaccinate against them. That we are meant to fight off bugs/germs/the like and that if we don't, that's the order of things."
...but that's just me ;-)Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. Note: my son does get the vaccines required to go to school, but that is all. Also, we use Whole Food Nutrition (in combination with a very healthy diet), to help our bodies fill the gaps in our diet and health. We use Juice Plus to help boost our immune systems via Phytonutrients and Antioxidants.

An Artist All Need To Hear!

Lizz Wright, When I Fall

Random Thoughts; Ignorant/Ignorance

noun: ignorance
lack of knowledge or information.
"he acted in ignorance of basic procedures"
synonyms: incomprehension of, unawareness of, unconsciousness of, unfamiliarity with, inexperience with, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about; informal cluelessness about.
Why do people think when someone uses the word ignorant/ignorance it (automatically) means someone is insulting them?
When I use either word it is not to insult, it is because I am lazy and using either of those words is easier than saying/typing "one/a group is unknowing of a situation/topic/or the like." ;-)
If you're getting defensive over someone's wording you should def look inward rather than outward. ...coming from experience here :-P ;-) live n learn :-)
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. :-) ♡


noun: societyI think the (American) Masses forget that we are a Society.
In the United States of America we are the American Society; not that this means we should ignore, judge, or otherwise be negative towards other societies as we have a World Society as well. "a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members: American society. such a system characterized by its dominant economic class or form: middle-class society; industrial society." - I am writing this as I am wondering why so many have forgotten that we are a Society?
And that as a Society we offer help to those within our Society via Social Programs & the like...
That as a Society we are supposed to work towards bettering all within the Society...
That no where in the definition of Society will you find any reference to Selfishness... ???I a…

Is it really almost Halloween?!?

Where did we leave off?
Once again time has gotten away from me!
Currently I have pneumonia. With this diagnosis I made the decision (today) to quit smoking... tad grumpy lol
Business is still busy, and I am still thoroughly enjoying learning & working in the construction/home remodel industry. :-)
My son is growing like a weed! Ten years old and wearing 26" x 30" men's pants! And the attitude & emotions on this pre-pubescent male; jeeze louise!!! Like a bipolar 1 female on her period lmao (and I can say that as I am diagnosed bp1 and am female ;-) ) We have also decided he is very reminiscent of a crotchety old man lol always telling people what is and is not appropriate ;-)
My son actually just got back from fall break with his dad. They went to Lake Powell for the week; sounds like they had a lot of fun! :-) Stoked on how things are going between them!
Oh speaking of parents - I tiled my parents bathroom floor for them! It looks pretty sexy if I do say so …