Gluten Free: Why do you care?

Ok folks. I am soooooooo over people bashing those of us whom are gluten free for health reasons (or just by choice).

What's so hard to understand?
I am lactose & dairy protein intolerant, sensitive to red meat/heavy protein, and gluten/wheat/fodmap intolerant. (Notice the protein connection here???) I also have to limit fried foods, processed foods, refined sugars and the like as my body doesn't digest many foods the way an average person's G.I. system would.
Why do people whom don't understand my physical/health issues feel the need to bash me/give me a hard time/try to prove I can in fact eat gluten?
Yes, I CAN eat gluten.
Yes, I chose to eat gluten from time to time when I feel up to suffering the consequences.
YES I am gluten intolerant/sensitive, and yes it does cause me negative (health) effects when I do consume gluten on a regular basis/over indulge (sometimes only a little hurts me).
And yes I chose to eat gluten free.

Why do you have a problem with me being gluten free?
For those of you in the restaurant industry; don't even start. I don't require anything special. I never make myself a pain. I am never a jerk customer. (And so on.) And I tip BIG!!! You all would be dealing with assholes even without the gluten free ones.
There is no single reason for any one to have issue with me (or anyone) being gluten free.
(Oh and guess what? So is my son!!! He was constipated/had G.I. issues for 5+ years before we figured out why.)

How about everyone, in this regard, keeps their noses out of other people's g.i./dietary decisions. And if you encounter someone who happens to be a phenomenal jerk AND is gluten free; this is not the question of the chicken & the egg. This person would have been a jerk to you whether or not they chose to be gluten free.
Get over the gluten free judgments/bashing!!!
How about everyone concentrates on something important like the economy. Or our lacking public school system. Or the pissing match going on in this country - I could go on!
Focus on the shit that's important, and let go of judging people for their lifestyle choices. (I too have to be careful and mindful of this. The general rules in regards to judgment; it is based on lack of understanding and/or is self judgment being projected onto others. Either way, totally ineffective. Let go of judgment!)

Vent over lol
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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