Is it really almost Halloween?!?

Where did we leave off?
Once again time has gotten away from me!
Currently I have pneumonia. With this diagnosis I made the decision (today) to quit smoking... tad grumpy lol
Business is still busy, and I am still thoroughly enjoying learning & working in the construction/home remodel industry. :-)
My son is growing like a weed! Ten years old and wearing 26" x 30" men's pants! And the attitude & emotions on this pre-pubescent male; jeeze louise!!! Like a bipolar 1 female on her period lmao (and I can say that as I am diagnosed bp1 and am female ;-) ) We have also decided he is very reminiscent of a crotchety old man lol always telling people what is and is not appropriate ;-)
My son actually just got back from fall break with his dad. They went to Lake Powell for the week; sounds like they had a lot of fun! :-) Stoked on how things are going between them!
Oh speaking of parents - I tiled my parents bathroom floor for them! It looks pretty sexy if I do say so myself! ;-) :-)
Another Oh, the purse I lost month or so ago? A friend found it! BOO-YEAH!!!!!!! :-D ;-) Annnnnd the money that was garnished from my bank account earlier this year with out any warning etc? Reimbursed and back in my bank account! Give me another, BOO-YEAH!!!!!!! :-D ;-) I feel like my karma has come full circle :-) What I have put out into the universe has come back to me :-)
...speaking of...
I met someone... so far he is pretty amazing! (Those who follow know) I was living up the single female life ;-) pretty content doing me; learning a little more self acceptance, love, and respect. Working on my physical health. Being a "good" mother... I had a lot going on with out adding in a new relationship. Maybe selfish. Also honest.
...Well that all went out the window in a matter of days lol it is really weird how the universe works. Literally after having only admitted to myself & my best girl friend that I might be ready to open up my heart again days before, I reconnected with someone I had known 16+ years ago. And what can I say, we kinda hit it off and are now doing the whole long distance thing while he finishes up work and moves out here. (He was already planning on moving; the move is not for me lol no worries there)
So with having a special somebody who lives states away, and happens to live where my brother and fam are, I decided to make a trip to see family and the new man for Halloween :-D I offered the trip to my son as well, but he has decided to spend the weekend with his dad's side of the fam (which is totally fine and cool; first time they have gotten to spend Halloween together.).
....we have had a lot going on lol
Taking things day by day.
Trying to be mindful. Present.
Acknowledging and Accepting things as they come.
Learning from mistakes; not judging them.
Growing :-)
...learning more and more what it means to live Wholeheartedly :-) ♡

What have you all had going on lately?
I would love to hear about your lives!

For now, I need to get some rest.
Live. Laugh. Love. :-) ♡


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