noun: society

I think the (American) Masses forget that we are a Society.
In the United States of America we are the American Society; not that this means we should ignore, judge, or otherwise be negative towards other societies as we have a World Society as well.

"a highly structured system of human organization for large-scale community living that normally furnishes protection, continuity, security, and a national identity for its members: American society. such a system characterized by its dominant economic class or form: middle-class society; industrial society." -

I am writing this as I am wondering why so many have forgotten that we are a Society?
And that as a Society we offer help to those within our Society via Social Programs & the like...
That as a Society we are supposed to work towards bettering all within the Society...
That no where in the definition of Society will you find any reference to Selfishness... ???

I am wondering when the out spoken and the voters will realize that while we do need to take care of ourselves individually, taking care of the nation as a whole is more important?
That when we take care of the whole, we also take care of ourselves? 

I am wondering when people will remember that due to being a Society, our economy is based upon the whole doing well, not just a small percentage?
That our Economic Structure is a Societal entity...
That it ebs and flows with the tide of those within the Society...
That due to us being a Society, the higher % of people considered low income does in fact bring the rest of our Economy down... never mind our moral... ???

I am wondering when people forgot that it takes all kinds, talents, strengths, to make a Society run effectively?
That we need all levels of Society, to a degree...
That we need Technical, Arts, and Science Majors...
That we need not judge those that do not make as much as we do (or the like), as not all can be the $50,000-200,000/yr salary earners... ???

I am wondering when we went back to the thought processes of Kings & those less than them?

A couple of great men in my life put it in a way that is easily understood.
When it comes to a Society we must help those in need.
We essentially have 2 options due to the impacts an ever growing lower class would do to the economy, and in turn Society as a whole;
Help People
"Execute Them"
Example: the kiddos from South America that needed our help. Two options; help them or execute them (figuratively & literally).

...I hope one day soon our Country will wake up and choose the American Society over their own/individual beliefs and (selfish) wants & (perceived/desired) needs.

Until that day I will continue trying to educate and prod the masses that way :-)

Positivity begets Positivity :-)

Until next time friends,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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