Veterans Day

I always feel a little weird around the holidays that celebrate veterans and the like as 50% of me is German... as in we were on the enemy side during WWII.

My Opa (his brothers, and my Oma's brother) were Veterans on the German side. Only 2 brothers came home from that war.
My Opa hated having to fight that war. So much so he purposely disobeyed orders, went AWOL, etc, and was supposed to be on "the chopping block" numerous times.
Due to needing people to serve, the chopping block never happened. Instead they continually demoted my Opa. By the end of his service he was working in the engine room on the Tirpitz.
The Tirpitz was a battleship that was hit and flipped over.
My Opa was miraculously rescued from the now over turned battleship.
He almost died that day.
This is the Veteran I love & miss every day of my life.

I was the only girl out of the grandkids; I was spoiled by my Opa, to say the least ;-) Even when he didn't understand what I was doing & going through, he loved me unconditionally and with open arms.
My son was lucky enough to have his Great Opa in his life for the first few years.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, my mother's father was an engineer whom designed ships for the British & Canadian Navy's.
He helped re-design the Corvette during WWII; A convoy ship that delivered supplies, and protected other ships.

My Grandpa was a man of limited words, and generally a stern demeanor, but he was a man that lit up the room when he cracked a smile/joke, and was such an incredibly smart, proud (and/or stubborn lol), and creative man.
Unfortunately my Grandfather passed before my son could meet this amazing man.
I still look to the heavens to speak to him and my Nana when I need guidance or strength... I admired them both greatly.

This is my family's Veteran Story.
My belief is; we are a country of all countries. We are a country of all nationalities. We are a country of all cultures. And in that spirit, we must celebrate all Veterans; no matter where or whom they served.
...but that is just my opinion :-)

Happy Veterans Day to ALL Veterans in the American Continents!!! ♡♡♡♡

Live. Laugh. Love.


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