Working through emotions

Over the years I have learned that to truly move through emotions you must acknowledge them and then accept them for what they are.

With that said, this is what I am working through emotionally at the moment...

Realizing someone I was in love with for years was not the person I thought... I was in love with the person he made me believe he was by fluffing the truth. As well the realization that being with him hurt me as much as the jerks he threatened to kill if they hurt me...  My heart hurts... this was supposed to be not only a lover, but one of my best friends... it is a grieving process...

Our Colorado community has been dealing with a lot of loss/deaths in the last couple months... the one hitting home for me was losing our friend Shane to suicide. I may not have been as close to him as others, but he was always someone that had a hug & smile for me, and accepted me. It is hard working through the personal issues I have with suicide, and then also to loose someone so loved by so many to suicide... it will take some time... things are still surreal.

Another life event I am struggling with is (re)meeting someone and connecting with them in a way I was not ready for due to healing from forementioned heartbreak. He lives 2 states away... we have had less then 2 weeks total together since reconnecting in a month... it is hard. Especially given the loss I am going through. It would be so nice to have the man I seem to be falling for here with me... and the fact I'm falling scares me... just to add to the ever mounting stress ;-) I just keep trying to remind myself he will be moving here soon enough...

Another aspect is my pre-pubescent son. The emotions, and attitude... where has my son gone? What scares me more; he is only 10 and this is starting! Mehhh

And last, but not least; my business. I am getting ready to get all my licensing, insurance, and all the other wonderful stuff I need to do to grow and move things forward.

(Never mind the daily things life in general throws at you, and the consequences of ineffective choices.)

So day by day I try to work through it all. I definitely don't always cope effectively, but I try not to judge myself. Acknowledge the situation, my feelings, and then try to accept what is, learn from it, and grow. (Not always an easy process, but a necessary one.)

So this is where I am at currently...
How are all of you?
How do you cope with tragedies, heart break, stress, and the like?

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡


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