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Accepting Others. Let Go Of Anger.

Let go of Anger.
Acknowledge & Accept What Is; Including People - for what & who they are.Reminder:
Not one of us is perfect.
We all make mistakes.
We all are taking this journey called life and doing what we can with it.I am as guilty as those whom inspired me to write this. We all have our moments of weakness, emotion, and judgment. The only way to work through these ineffective reactions is to Acknowledge & Accept What Is.
...and remember, Acceptance is not an easy process a majority of the time. Like life, no one said it would be easy. But damnit man ;-) it IS worth the work to find True (and sometimes Radical) Acceptance.
Want to be happier? More at peace? Have more Self Love & Respect?
Then put in the work, and Acknowledge & Accept What Is!!! Let go of Judgment!!! Learn to appreciate everyone as they are ♡Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡

It's been a hot minute... again

So as usual my life has been crazy busy! And as usual, not just because my life is, but because some of my decisions make it more so :-P it is what it is :-) ;-) Since I last wrote about my personal life things have changed; go figure lol I am still working on physical and emotional/mental health, and I am still progressing. Taking things day by day. Not judging myself for mistakes. Learning from any mistakes I do make (as much as I can... I do tend to make the same mistake 3 times before truly learning lol). And I have tried the dating game again... and actually tried one of the dating apps... it has been fun, interesting, and yet another learning experience haha On the other side of things, my professional life is improving as well. I have gotten my business licensed, got a new computer, have QuickBooks, am growing our client base, and have business bank accounts now. (You can follow progress in all areas of my life via my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr Acounts, as well as on Fac…

12/4 Spanish Rice

I call it 12/4 as that's the day I made it, and as those who follow me know, I make a different version of all my recipes every time they are made lol Ok here we go!Rice
Ranchero Beans (from scratch or can; if canned, spend the money on organic)
Corn and Brussel SproutsChilli Powder, Cumin, Salsa, Sea Salt & PepperCook rice
Once rice is cooked add beans and stir
Next add veggies & seasonings
Heat through
Serve & EnjoyThis is good alone on a tortilla (chip) with some (shredded) cheese, salsa, sour cream, and/or guacamole. It also makes a great side, breakfast with eggs, and dinner with something like Carne Asada.Enjoy!
Simple. Healthy. Delish!!! :-)