Accepting Others. Let Go Of Anger.

Let go of Anger.
Acknowledge & Accept What Is; Including People - for what & who they are.

Not one of us is perfect.
We all make mistakes.
We all are taking this journey called life and doing what we can with it.

I am as guilty as those whom inspired me to write this. We all have our moments of weakness, emotion, and judgment. The only way to work through these ineffective reactions is to Acknowledge & Accept What Is.
...and remember, Acceptance is not an easy process a majority of the time. Like life, no one said it would be easy. But damnit man ;-) it IS worth the work to find True (and sometimes Radical) Acceptance.
Want to be happier? More at peace? Have more Self Love & Respect?
Then put in the work, and Acknowledge & Accept What Is!!! Let go of Judgment!!! 

Learn to appreciate everyone as they are ♡

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡


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