It's been a hot minute... again

So as usual my life has been crazy busy! And as usual, not just because my life is, but because some of my decisions make it more so :-P it is what it is :-) ;-)
Since I last wrote about my personal life things have changed; go figure lol
I am still working on physical and emotional/mental health, and I am still progressing. Taking things day by day. Not judging myself for mistakes. Learning from any mistakes I do make (as much as I can... I do tend to make the same mistake 3 times before truly learning lol). And I have tried the dating game again... and actually tried one of the dating apps... it has been fun, interesting, and yet another learning experience haha
On the other side of things, my professional life is improving as well. I have gotten my business licensed, got a new computer, have QuickBooks, am growing our client base, and have business bank accounts now. (You can follow progress in all areas of my life via my Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr Acounts, as well as on Facebook.)
A huge plus with the business is that I finally have an awesome, passionate, and reliable employee! With the growth we have seen the last few months, I do not know what I would do without her! So very thankful to have found her!
Do you have anyone you are thankful right now?
I am also thankful for my parents who are the other reason I am able to grow my business. I couldn't do it with out all of their help with my son, and all of their support.
Oh and exciting,
I am thankful for the opportunity I have been given to share my Art again. This Saturday I will be one of the artists shown at the Cool River Coffee House & Bakery, Art & Music Night, in Breckenridge Colorado.
As well, I am thankful for the progress my son has made snowboarding. He is kicking butt!!! Pretty soon I will have to keep up with him! Very proud momma here!
....what else?
Let us just say that while I could go on about the bad (and there has been some rough times so far this year), I chose to acknowledge & accept all of that and tell you about the positive things in my life. After all, who wants to hear me complain? haha
With that, I will say,
Live. Laugh. Love.
It is dinner time here ;-) home made, gluten free pepperoni & mushroom pizza :-) nom nom nom ;-)


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