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It's already June 21st?!?

ok-do-kee haha where do I begin?
2015 thus far....
Wellllll, January: still living between Parker & Summit County... still growing my business (or attempting to do so... hard when you only have one reliable person working for you)... had a customer decide to not pay me the over $2000 they owed me for a tiling job I did per their wishes/instructions; they decided they were not happy with the job once it was almost complete, of course. Learned you do not listen to the customer lol you do what you know to be right based on the job being done. Expensive life lesson meh haha
February: I started doing 2nd Saturday Art & Music Shows in Breckenridge, annnnnd :-) met a unique, fun, loving, caring man, that is as crazy as I am = we fell in love and we now live together :-D ;-) haha it has not been easy, but what relationship is? We both have our troubles. We both are far from perfect. But as he tells me, "Perfectly Imperfect." :-) <3 We shall see how things go... I am tryi…