It's already June 21st?!?

ok-do-kee haha where do I begin?
2015 thus far....
Wellllll, January: still living between Parker & Summit County... still growing my business (or attempting to do so... hard when you only have one reliable person working for you)... had a customer decide to not pay me the over $2000 they owed me for a tiling job I did per their wishes/instructions; they decided they were not happy with the job once it was almost complete, of course. Learned you do not listen to the customer lol you do what you know to be right based on the job being done. Expensive life lesson meh haha
February: I started doing 2nd Saturday Art & Music Shows in Breckenridge, annnnnd :-) met a unique, fun, loving, caring man, that is as crazy as I am = we fell in love and we now live together :-D ;-) haha it has not been easy, but what relationship is? We both have our troubles. We both are far from perfect. But as he tells me, "Perfectly Imperfect." :-) <3 We shall see how things go... I am trying to not be pessimistic or optimistic; rather I am trying to be realistic... which when it comes to matters of the heart is a pretty freaking difficult task ;-P haha
March: end of ski season and our crazy winter business season = phew!!! ;-)
taking lots of deep breaths and hoping for the best :-)
April: Finally got a new place :-D TEHEehehe
We are back in Summit County full time = YAY!!! No more commuting back n forth between the front range & the mountains, living on peoples couches :-D Major weights lifted from our shoulders! It is not easy living out of a suitcase and between two cities/towns that are 2 hours apart. It takes a toll on you after a while, and I had been doing it for approximately a year & a half = I was over it!!! ;-P My son was also very grateful to know he would be back in his beloved Summit County full time, even if it means leaving a couple of his best buds. (Isn't that what Mum's Taxi is for??? haha)
May: Started a job remodeling a 1500 sq ft, 1999, modular home for my parents. My business was only supposed to demo, tile, paint - make it pretty. Wellll, of course Murphy decided to join the job site and it turned into the (literal) movie, the Money Pit ugh lol If nothing else, it has been an educational job (to say the least lol) While extremely stressful, it has also been very rewarding as I have been able to show how creative I can be, and how talented I am. (I cannot wait to share the before & after pics!!!)
...We had to take our beloved Lulu Bell to the Rainbow Bridge :'-( Her cancer came back full force and she had a torn ACL. It was time to let her go and end her pain... we now work through our own pain... RIP Lulu xoxo you were the best friend a girl could ask for <3 <3 <3
June: Finally wrapping up the remodel! And just in time; I am mentally & physically spent!!! Between work & personal life stress, I need a month long vacation now haha Thankfully, my son, my boyfriend and I all went camping last night and took a much needed deep breath in the forest :-D and this coming weekend we take my son to his dad (for a month visit), and the boyfriend and I will journey back into the woods for a night or two ;-) :-)

...and I think that about covers it :-) (...can you tell I am manic? Though you may not know the difference as the times I have the energy to sit here and write with all life throws at me daily, is generally when I am manic lol ah well ;-P as long as you enjoy reading, who cares? :-)
Okeechobee, back to what I was writing.. ;-)

It could be kind of sad to me looking at this timeline... I really have not done much this year, on paper. But I know what we have gone through amounts to a novel; possibly a series of novels haha Guess the moral to take from that is we all have our own journeys, battles, triumphs, and the like. Please do not judge your journey, or anyone else's.
In regards to your personal journey:
Change what you are not happy with and (this is the key), CAN change.
Run across something you cannot change?
Acknowledge it. Acknowledge how "it" and the situation makes you feel.
And then? Accept the crap out of "it"!!! Want peace? Want to move on? Then this process is a must :-)

The last 6 months (and especially the last 2 months), have been trying for myself, and in turn those closest to me. Without the above coping techniques, well, I would be just another stereotypical, crazy, bipolar 1 lady ;-P

How has your summer been so far?
Your year?
I would love to hear!!!

Until next time friends,
Live. Laugh. Love <3


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