"Mom Hacks"

Another school year is here.
Were/Are you ready?
I know I wasn't ;-P

Thankfully we have the wonderful app, Pinterest to help us busy humans get through this thing called life a little easier/less stressed, craftier, more inspired, and the like. For this post I was using all the great idears on there that are meant to make a mother's life easier during the school year (and maybe for some, year round).

The pics posted here are my versions of a couple of the "self help" ;-) tricks for mothers that I found on Pinterest (some recently found, others I have pinned on my boards in the past - follow me :-) just search my name, Samantha Luegger). 

1) For lunches this week, (since my son isn't big on sandwiches) I made ham rolls and wrapped them in press n seal. I then put them into a ziploc bag, and into the fridge they went. I did the same type of thing with baby carrots.
As well, I made (press n seal) packs/bags of almonds, chips & (gluten free) crackers, dried fruit & sunflower seeds, and (gluten free) "oreos".
We also have the following options for his lunches: organic apple sauce packs, beef jerry packs, organic freeze dried fruit packs, fruit cups, cheese (sticks), fresh fruit, fruit snacks, yogurt drinks, and organic juice boxes.
My son gets to choose a meat, a cheese, yogurt/fruit cup, 1 chip/cracker bag, 1 treat (this week fruit snack or oreos), 2-3 healthy snacks, and a drink.
He puts all into his lunch bag with a little freezer pack.
He also brings a refillable water bottle.

(The snacks bins also work for after school snacks, or snacks period.)

2) Mon-Fri Outfits - we now pick out outfits, and then put them into cubbies outside of my son's bathroom with his shoes. When he gets ready for bed he grabs an outfit and puts it & his glasses in a (retired Lego) bin in his bathroom before he goes to bed.

What Mom Hacks do you have? :-)

We would love to hear/see!!!
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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