ItWorks VS Juice Plus

I do not like doing comparisons, but sometimes you have to put things into perspective - for you and/or for others.

ItWorks is everywhere these days!!! And I am stoked people are doing well with it!
Buuuut today I am comparing a few of the ItWorks products against Juice Plus+ Whole Food Nutrition (Trio) Capsules/Gummies, and (apologies) I really do not have to say much.

The post I am writing is not a comparison of ingredients - though Juice Plus+ does source all of their ingredients from US farmers & suppliers, uses all natural & Non-GMO produce, and the products are Vegan AND Gluten Free (minus the bars). (Please do compare the Ingredient Labels though. And more importantly the fact their label has Supplement Facts, while Juice Plus has Nutritional Facts = JP+ is Whole Food Nutrition NOT a supplement.)

This is a comparison of how many ItWorks products I would have to take to get the same results as I do from taking my Whole Food Nutrition Trio Capsules. And with this how much more money you spend buying ItWorks. How much more packaging is going into the dumps. How much more product you have to take each day. And the like.

Side Info for those whom do not follow my blog: I am not just bridging the gaps in my diet & health with JP+. I am using it as a part of my treatment plan as someone whom is diagnosed with multiple mental & physical disorders/illnesses. Due to using Whole Food Nutrition in combo with my existing all natural treatment plan, I do not have to take the 20+ pills docs think I should take to treat my varying diagnosis.

From here I am going to keep things simple by letting an image I made do the talking for me. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.

Make healthy living a habit by making effective choices for you and your family.  It is just one of the many things you can do to start your journey. Do not let flashy sales tactics get ya ;-)

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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