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Most of us give our kiddos vitamins and/or supplements due to the fact most kids are picky eaters, you can't afford to buy a lot of fruits & vegetables, and/or it was recommended.

Let's address the first topic I mentioned: Children's Vitamins
One of the most popular lines of Children's Vitamins are the Flintstone Vitamins. They have been around a long time! My brother & I grew up on them haha
Well over time the health industry has done research on vitamins & supplements, and with that R&D companies have been able to improve upon the "old faithfuls". One of those companies is Juice Plus+. Their Whole Food Nutrition line is a step above vitamins. Why you ask? Well just look at their Nutrition Label - you will not find Vitamin/Supplement Facts like you do on typical products. You find Nutrition Facts. Key word there, Nutrition. That is one of the biggest differences!
The others?
To start:
NO Artificial Sweeteners (Aspartame, Sorbitol, Xylitol, Sucrose)
NO Artificial Dyes/Colors
NO Hydrogenated Oils
No Need for a Warning Label or Safety Seal - there is no chance of accidental overdose due to Iron! So there is no need for a "Keep This Product Out of Reach of Children" Warning. 
Now let's talk about the 2nd Topic: Money/Finances
Being a low-middle income, single mother I understand having a very tight budget. I know what it is like to not be able to afford to buy all the healthy food you would like for your family. I understand how it feels to not be able to afford the constant doc visits & prescriptions due to colds/flu bugs.
Often when talking to families about Whole Food Nutrition they say, "When I can afford it, we will start taking whole food nutrition, but right now it just isn't in our budget." More times then I would like to see, kiddos land up in in docs offices within weeks of hearing this comment. Now mom & dad are paying $20 co-pays, and varying co-pays for antibiotics & prescriptions, more money for over the counter medicines, and then the missed days of work and school... if I were to add that up, having 1 sick kiddo probably costs the average parent around $100 in a month (more if you add in missed work, paid daycare, and the like). Now if you get sick, add more money into that monthly total we just came up with. If you have other children, another parent, other family members/friends living with you, add in the cost of those people becoming sick in that same month.
How much does Whole Food Nutrition cost each month?
The Gummies start at ONLY $24.50/month for Children!!! That is just a little more than the average doc visit co-pay! With the money you will save on medical expenses once your family is a JP+ family, you will have more than enough money to pay for your families Whole Food Nutrition. The big picture is that your family will be healthier (which equals happier), and your check book will (also) be healthier & happier. It is a Win - Win! :-D Gotta love Preventative "Medicine" - saves your health & bank account :-D ;-)

So Many Amazing Benefits to taking Whole Food Nutrition! Check out this little guys Eczema Rash all cleared after taking JP+ for only 6 weeks!!!
Now for the last topic: Vitamins/Supplements were Recommended
Health Professionals have been recommending Whole Food Nutrition from Juice Plus+ as long as I have been alive! Since 1970 the Juice Plus+ company has been dedicated to helping people improve their health & lives.
What do the Health Professionals have to say?

Nutrition For Young Athletes: Enhance Athletic Performance
 ...let us get back to that first topic again... Children's Vitamins and why a lot of us give them to our kiddos...
Picky Eaters :-P ;-)
Nutrition For Kids: Make Eating Fruits & Vegetables Easy
Do you have any questions? Feel free to comment on this post!
When I chose to make Health a Habit (way back when my son was born) I did not know about Whole Food Nutrition from Juice Plus+ - I wish I did! HA, I even laughed off an offer to try JP+ a few years ago because I did not do my research thoroughly enough and thought it was joke :-P Silly me ;-) But we are taking our capsules & gummies, and have been for a year now, and we are healthier for it :-)
Recently my boyfriend started taking the gummies :-) He doesn't do well with pills so he takes his gummies every morning to bridge the gaps in his diet & health. Whole Food Nutrition is a wise choice for everyone!
Are you ready to bridge the gaps in your families health? Take the plunge today!
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.
...and Own Your Health! :-D


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