Love Mornings ♡

I feel sad for people who hate mornings, or any other part of the day.
Each morning you get to see the world begin again. It is a new start. A chance for new things.
With each sunrise we can chose to revel in it, or we can chose to dislike something we can not change. But it truly is a choice. To have the line of thought that being or not being a morning person is set in the sands of time is... well, silly ...nothing can be set in the sands of time ;-) they are ever moving/changing :-) (sorry, had to lighten it up hehe)
The wonderful thing about being human is we have choice(s) and we have the ability to change - don't waste that power! Grow! It's a beautiful thing. And if you're not a morning person, chose to love mornings as much as your nights. Learn to appreciate the beauty of a sunrise, the calm & quiet of the early morning. Sit out on your porch and enjoy a cup of coffee, the sounds & sights of a new day, and take a deep breath - in through the nose. Out through the mouth.
Teach yourself to appreciate the beginnings of a new day. It is possible. ♡
If you are a morning person please share what you do with your mornings and why you love mornings :-) 
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Check this article/pic out, "Become a Morning Person."


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