Make life wonderful!

Life truly is what we, ourselves, make it.

The things I am about to say are most likely tidbits you have heard before. Advice that made you huff, give a snarky look, and/or caused you disbelief.
What's crazy is, all that/of this advice holds true. There is a reason you hear it time & time again. So, not to sound like a broken record, but please take what I say here (and in previous posts giving life advice) to heart. Please learn from this advice. Please try to apply this advice to your daily life. I promise that if you do things will get better, even if only a tiny bit. Life isn't easy, but we can make the road less bumpy for ourselves :-)

Alright folks, here we go ;-)
(Excuse the language.)

Don't like something about your life? Do something about.
Have something shitty happen? Acknowledge all the hurt/negative emotions, Accept the shit out of it, and Move. The. Fuck. On.
Life is a mix of your choices and chance. You can't control others. You can't control the weather. You can't control everything.
You CAN make the most effective choices for you. You can accept what is. And you can make this life as awesome or shitty as you so chose.
Stressed? Anxious? Panicking? Depressed? Someone has hurt you? (Or the like?) Take a deep breath in through you nose, out through your mouth, get in the present moment (the past & future cause anxiety and depression), and start to acknowledge & accept what is. Is there something you can do about the shitty situation? Get off your ass and do something! This is the control you DO have in your life.

Try this... when you're driving be mindful and make sure to keep a smile on your face at all times. (Takes more muscles to frown!) At times it will piss you off lol but at least it's you and not other drivers ;-) and then you'll land up laughing at yourself for getting pissy about having to smile ;-) other times it will just make you giggle. People will look at you like your crazy or get angry  (I never understood this one lol) when you smile at them for no reason (which will make you laugh), while others will smile back (which makes you smile more). Either way the end result is that you're happier :-D

There are a lot of things you can do to turn around your mood, attitude, and the like.
There are processes you can go through to move through & on from things in your life that cause you negative emotions/distress/depression and the like.
There are coping techniques you can use to make life easier, happier, and less stressful/more peaceful.
And know that if something is bothering you/has gone wrong or the like, and there is something you can do to remedy the situation, it is on you (nobody else) to do something to fix the "situation". (And if still required to move forward & find peace, go through the Acknowledge and Accept process.)

I could go on all day lol I have dealt with mental illness my whole life but only learning how to cope in the last 5+ years has opened my eyes. Huge!
...I used to be the person who thought they and their life could never change/get better. I used to be the person who didn't believe in positivity. I used to think things would/could never get better. I hated myself - the negative thoughts and emotions that used to be inside of me ruled my life and my outcomes. Not that I don't slip up, but the above is no longer true of me. (You can read my journey via this blog in my past posts. I own my story here.)

Oh, one more thing.
Loose Judgments.
Judgment of Self first. Once you stop judging yourself, your judgments of others will dwindle. And the more you learn to accept yourself & others for who and what you/they are, your judgments will dwindle even more. With this comes peace and happiness. And with this new found peace & happiness (or Self Acceptance) comes Self Love, and in turn Self Confidence & Respect :-D

Please comment if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. We can all help each other. :-) Let's get a discussion going! The more we talk about topics like this, the less stigma they (and those whom suffer from/by stigmatized topics) have.

Time for me to run. Have to level out some ground dirt for a deck to be installed :-P

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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