Am I a Good Mother? (Pt 1)

A little personal therapy here lol working through how others comments make me feel - or I should say, how I allow them to make me feel.

Seeing fb posts from mom's with babies, and I am wondering, "Was I a cold mother?", "Was I not protective enough?"
- If it was nap/bed time I put my son down. Crying? Let him cry it out.
- I need a shower? He went in crib/playpen, monitor came in bathroom/left bathroom door open (as he was right outside door), and I showered.
- Cried with others/when others held him? Let him. He's gotta learn to be ok with others.
- Slept on his tummy and back.
- Ate dirt.
- Never used antibacterial products.
....and I could go on and on. ;-)
But you know, my son has turned out to be a sweet, empathetic, well mannered, physically healthy, emotionally intelligent boy.
(He has never broken a bone or been to the hospital. Only time he has been to doc is for required visits.)
Sooo pretty sure when I am gaulked at due to giving my 2 cents on all these "baby question" (and the like) posts, that I have in fact been a very effective mother; made my mistakes as we all do, but damn my kid is the bomb!!! :-D

Just remember: Over protective does not equal effective parent. 

If you think long term, into your kiddos teenage years & beyond, it's actually detrimental to your child to be over protective. (Research Child Psychology.) But to each their own; Though I have to work through this process of self acceptance on a fairly regular basis rather than judge myself, I will not become an over protective parent.

Daily Mindfulness "Meditation" - deep breath in through nose, then let it out through your mouth and say, "I will not live in fear, and in turn have my kiddo(s) live in fear ☆ I will not live with constant worry & anxiety, and in turn (I will not) install these negative feelings/emotions in my child(ren)."

....think I am done for now ;-)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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