(Medical) Advice on FB...

I have seen this happen over & over again. Especially working Peer Support online. But I also see it with my personal friends, and apologies, but I have got to vent finally...

Asking about an at home cold remedy is one thing, but if you consistently ask fb for medical advice you need to realize why things are not getting better for you:
1) fb is not a doctors office.
2) Your friends are not your doctor/nurse for a reason.
Go get professional advice and/or treatment. Please!!! <3

I can understand reaching out for advice once, maybe twice. But seeing people repeatedly look for advice on fb for the same issue over & over - GO GET PROFESSIONAL HELP!!! If your friends haven't remedied the issue yet, why do you think the result will change? Or are you just looking for sympathy? Empathy? Understanding? Then admit to that.

My other issue is the people who consistently post looking for sympathy; the complainers.
Life will never get better if you always have your gloomy glasses on. Period. Stop complaining and do something to better your life. Change the way you think.  And make change happen. It is not easy, but it is that simple.

And then you have the ones that post every little thing that could cause one worry/anxiety.
Do you enjoy living in fear? Ruminating over things you have no control over? Or things that could happen, but there's a 99.999999% chance they won't?
Deep breaths. Acknowledge what is. Change what you can. And Accept what is. Let go of the anxiety/worry/fear. Its detrimental to your health, and those who live with you.

...and I think that's all haha
I'm sorry to have such a vent session, but it is part of my therapy so I don't ruminate on the people I cannot change. Because people, you can't change someone. You can support. Try to educate & help. But you can NOT change a person. You can only accept them.
So I will accept all that are the reason for this post ;-) and I know I will have to accept them over and over as there will always be people like this in my life. And rather than be annoyed & hate them, I would rather continue loving them and accept them for who they are. God knows I am a handful also haha

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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