September is Chronic Pain Awareness

I know I am already asking for your help with Suicide Prevention, but Chronic Pain is another issue that greatly effects myself, and in turn our family. Please take the pledge to empower those in the Chronic Pain Community <3

For those who don't follow my blog,

I am a Mental Illness Patient, and I am a Chronic Pain Patient. Invisible Illnesses are my life.

Pain Diagnosis include: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic G.I. Pain & Nausea, Chronic Migraines/Headaches. 

Living with Chronic Pain, plain & simple, sucks!!! Never know if you will be able to work. You loose the ability to do physical activities you love. You loose the ability to even dress or feed yourself at times. But so as not to suffer, you accept all the humbling symptoms, try to treat them, and live as full & happy life as you can. ♡

My docs and I have chosen an all natural treatment plan. 

- whole food nutrition from jp+, vitamins, supplements 

- all natural/organic diet and stay hydrated 

- exercise (muscle supports joints so joints don't take more of a beating)

- restive sleep

- yoga

- chiropractor / acupuncture 

- medical marijuana 

- salves 

(And the like)

Do you have Chronic Pain?
If so, how do you treat it?
Have you accepted your pain and "made peace"?
I would love to hear your story! ♡

Until next time folks, 
Live. Laugh. Love. 

* if you're interested in adding Whole Food Nutrition to your treatment plan, or just want to be healthier, talk to me and check out my website: *  


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