Fundraiser for Summit Middle School SPED Department & Mental Health Services

My son has Dyslexia.
School has been a struggle since he began his academic career. He has been bullied due to being on an IEP, and in turn has struggled with depression, and has not enjoyed school between struggling to learn & dealing with kiddos who do not understand and judge him/are mean to him.
Well he is now at Summit Middle School, and for the first time he likes school! :-D We had our first IEP Meeting and I almost cried due to how passionate they were (and how proud they were of my son) - Ryder feels successful in school for the first time! AND he has not dealt with bullying at this school! :-D
We are just so happy with the SPED Department & his teachers and support staff, and we are just so ...thrilled about the Mental Health Services offered through the school (during school licensed therapists take time out of their busy private practices and work in the middle school with the kiddos in need), that we felt the need to give back somehow...
And here we are :-)
Summit Middle School SPED Dept & Mental Health Services Fundraiser
This past week (and month) was Mental Health Awareness Week
We thought it was a good time to raise money for the services we are trying to support.

For this Fundraiser we will be offering information on Toxic Chemicals in our everyday products, and to raise money we are offering the Ava Anderson Non Toxic Product Line.

The school will be getting 50% of all sale commissions and earn rewards for FREE products and deep discounts on the Ava Anderson Non Toxic Line. The more sales we have, the more FREE product, discounts, and rewards SMS will receive. :-D
As well, if anyone decides to host an avaHOUR, the school will earn rewards on the sales from 2 of those also! :-D
SO this fundraiser not only financially benefits SMS, but it also benefits by allowing them to have Non Toxic Products in the classroom. (Hand Sanitizer, Soaps, Lotions, etc.)

This fundraiser will go for the month of October.
Please share with anyone you think would want to help out this awesome cause.

Thank you for helping out the SMS SPED Dept & Mental Health Services ~

Facebook Event:
 Party Code: 104165


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