(P)MS - we hate it too!

Right now I hate everyone, and would love to just poke everyone in the eye... lol
(Pre/Post) Menstrual Symptoms are no fun for us or those who get to live, work, and deal with us during this monthly time frame.
For myself personally, I have irregular cycles - has been this way since I was about a Freshman in High School. Back then I essentially had non stop cycles. I would finish one, and then within days to a week would start another. Physically & Mentally Exhausting!
Docs put me on birth control to regulate my periods. Problem back then was the estrogen in the birth controls on the market made my Bipolar Symptoms worse.
Fast forward to the Depo Provera Shot coming out on the market. No estrogen :-D only have to get it every 3 months. Don't get a period.... yes please!
I was lucky and didn't have the nasty side effects. The shot worked effectively for me. When the information came out that the shot could cause bone density loss, my docs and I decided to give my body a 1-6 month break once every year or two. During one of these breaks is when I became pregnant with my now 11 year old son.... wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant due to after effects once you stop shot... doh lol I was exception to that rule ;-)
Fast forward again to now... I am having my 2nd period of this month... combine that with an overflowing plate, dealing with life issues, coping with my buddy bipolar, and the like in combo with another freaking hormone change only a week after the last one = I hate everyone lol
Unfortunately, the shot has stopped working for me the last couple of years, and has started causing me to have more health problems so I just don't use birth control currently. Anything with estrogen is too risky. Implants of any kind scare the crap out of me. And we tried the patch... hated it :-P so we get to deal with my body going whacky until some doctor finally figures out what is wrong and what we can do to help this issue. Thankfully I have a boyfriend that will admit a period is gross in that you're bleeding for a week lol but accepts me and my irrational, overly emotional, bloody times. He reminds me that it's natural, and though nasty, beautiful at the same time. I wish more males would do this/think this way.
The point to all of this rambling haha is Females: you're not alone! We are bears when we have our cycles. Be kind to yourself. Eat healthy foods. Drink water and tea. Pamper yourself. Try to be kind to those around you. Be present. Be mindful. Breathe deeply. Take a walk. Meditate. And accept the shit out of everything annoying the piss out of you ;-)
Males and All Who Deal With Us during our cycles: Be patient! Be kind! We know it sucks for you. But retaliating, being defensive, and the like will only add fuel to the fire that is (P)MS. Breathe deeply. Take a walk. And accept the shit out of us ;-)
I apologize for females everywhere!!! We do not mean or want to turn into the purple people eaters we become during our monthly cycle. We hate it as much as you do! ;-)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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