Product Review: Bath & Body Works Magnolia and Clementine

With my new non toxic living endeavor I have been doing a lot of ingredient reading. One of the first products I chose to do this with is the lotion I use every time I shower - Bath & Body Works Magnolia and Clementine Ultra Shea Butter Body Cream.
I expected to find some of Ava's 18 Toxins to Avoid, but what I didn't expect was to find toxic ingredients not even on that list.
There were a total of 29 Ingredients.
7 were Safe/All Natural :-)
6 were Iffy :-/
16 were Toxic Ingredients :-(
16 out of 29 Ingredients were Endocrine Disruptors, Carcinogens, or another form of Harmful/Toxic Ingredient. It took me a couple of hours to research all 29, but now I am glad that I did!!!
I shared this and the ingredient research during a Wellness Wednesday Event I hosted on Facebook. Feel free to check out all the info and links there:
Well, though I have loved my B&B Works Products since my early teenage years, it is time to say farewell.
Until next time folks,
Read your ingredient labels!
Live. Laugh. Love. ;-)
Side Info: While we have decided to go Non Toxic, we can not afford to just throw away all the products we currently have. What we are doing is replacing our toxic products with Non Toxic Products as we run out :-) Baby steps to non toxic living. 


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