Product Review : Matrix Biolage Cleansing Conditioner

We were visiting friends in Steamboat Springs this weekend. When we got there my girl friend showed me a conditioner she bought her daughter and asked me (knowing I am researching products and the ingredients in them) if the product was any “good”.

The product is Matrix, Biolage Cleansing Conditioner for Curly Hair.
The front of the bottle says Non-Stripping, No sulfates, No parabens.
Kind of makes you feel warm and fuzzy about buying the product. Makes you believe it is a safe product…


Water (non-essential – waters down product)

Cetaryl Alcohol – VERY limited data which is a Red Flag, and it is an Environmental Toxin

Sodium Cocoamyphoproionate – NO data which is HUGE Red Flag

Hydroxpropyl – VERY limited data which is a Red Flag, Ether product

Behentrimoium Chloride – Human toxicant, Allergen, Environmental Toxin

Parfum/Fragrance – HIGH Hazard (See Ava Anderson’s Toxins To Avoid)

Isopropyl Alcohol – Toxic/Harmful, (Skin, Eyes, Lung) Irritant, Occupational Hazards

Caprylyl Glycol – Limited Date which is Red Flag

Glycerin – May be derived from animals, or if Synthetic is known to draw moisture from skin

Limonene – HIGH Hazard (See Skin Deep)

Menthol – May be Synthetic

Hexyl Cinnamal – Fragrance (high hazard), Immune System Toxicant, Allergen

Tocopherol – Carcinogen

Linalool – Terpene, Fragrance (high hazard) Ingredient

Benzyl Alcohol – Allergen, Immunotoxicity, Organ Toxin, and Occupational Hazards

Punica Grannatum Extract – Pomegranate J

 Total Ingredients: 16

Total All Natural Ingredients: 2 :-D

Total Harmful/Toxic/Limited Data: 14 :-(

 And there’s the facts, Jack ;-)
Until next time folks,
Know your ingedients and,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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