Do you know what to look for in Essential Oils?

Because I do not lol though I am trying to learn.

Here is what I have learned about Essential Oil Companies/Products so far:

* You want the company to know the source (and provide this information to the consumers) of the plants and/or oils being used - if oils, all the way back to the grower. (Country of Origin, Region, Location as all play part in therapeutic qualities of the oils, as well as if there could be contamination from pollution, etc.)
* Non GMO
* Horticulture Status : Organic, Certified Organic, Wild Crafted etc - makes a difference in (photo)toxicity
* Avoid oils that have been diluted with water or (vegetable) oils and the like
* Avoid companies that price all oils the same - this is one of the signs of synthetic ingredients and/or lesser quality ingredients
* The company should tell you methods of extraction
* Ingredients should be listed in Latin and English names so there is no confusion
* "Look for "pure essential oil" or "100% essential oil" on the label. Avoid "fragrant oil", "perfume oil" or "aromatherapy oil", which can be warning signs that the oils have been mixed with other substances."
* Essential Oils should be sold & stored in dark glass container as light glass allows light in and essential oils to spoil - do not buy oils in plastic bottles (and make sure they mark size of bottle so you know how much you are getting for your money - usually 10 or 15 oz bottles, but some companies do not tell you.)
* Company should list Chemotype if applicable for each plant (linalool, camphor, thymol)
* You should (learn and) know what plant oils are toxic/harmful to burn (Example: Thyme)
*  Plant part(s) used in extraction
* Know the Safety Warnings for each product and oil
* Distillation Date
* Avoid Cheap Prices - you truly get what you pay for
* Look for Expiration/Oxidation Dates - they do "expire"
* Avoid sites like for your Essential Oil purchased as people have had some pretty bad experiences purchasing Essential Oils this route
* Be cautious of anyone selling their oils as Therapeutic Grade or Aromatherapy Grade

That is what I have learned so far - Research the heck out of any company you are considering buying from ;-)

What are your Essential Oil buying tips?
Do you make your own?
What Essential Oils do you recommend?

Would love to hear from you!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

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