EWG.org tip

I use EWG.org for a lot of my ingredient detective work. If you want to reference their site, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Some ingredients are rated safe only because there is Limited to No Data on the ingredient. What this means to us is that no one really knows how safe or toxic it really is.
When this happens I research what the ingredient really is. What was the ingredient derived from? What processing was used to make it? Is processing this ingredient safe for the environment and for the humans processing/manufacturing it? And so on.

Some ingredients are listed safe, and technically are, but might be derived from animals. My issue with animal derived ingredients is we do not know how the animals were treated, if the ingredient was derived from animal remains so as to use up whole animal so no animal was killed for the ingredient, and the like.

Some ingredients are listed safe, but are not all natural. For those looking for all natural products, this is a concern for you.

I love EWG.org and what they do. So glad a friend introduced me to the site! Makes being an ingredient detective so much easier ;-) But these are a few examples of why you want to research ingredients (further), and why even though EWG.org is a trusted site and organization that I and many others reference, you still need to do your own homework.

One more tip:
If you can't pronounce the ingredient or if you do not know what the ingredient is, look it up!

There's my little bit of advice for today ;-) 

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. 


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