Wrinkles (and itWorks! WOW Product Review)

I have a lot of (Facebook) friends that sell itWorks. In recent months a lot of them have raved about the WOW Product and the amazing results people have with it.
What is WOW? Wipe Out Wrinkles. An Anti-Wrinkle Product… Anti-Aging… For those who can not accept they are growing older… Sadly another example of companies making money off our lack of self love… But that is not the point of this blog post. The point is the Ingredients and the Products Efficacy.  

From the product page,
“Results are not permanent.

*Results are not permanent. Individual results can and will vary. It Works! cosmetic products do not claim to cure/treat/prevent any skin & hair related disorders. All our products are purely cosmetic in nature & we encourage everyone to maintain a safe & natural cosmetic routine. If you are allergic to soy, wheat or other natural active ingredients, or are under treatment/medication for any skin or hair disorders, you must consult with your healthcare professional before using any of our products.”

So WOW may be effective per everyone I know who raves about it, but the WOW factor is only temporary.

From the product information,
“Pair with Lip & Eye for the ultimate eye raising results!”

This is a smart and effective marketing ploy ;-) and tells me WOW does not truly have the WOW Factor itWorks or their customers claim it has - if it requires a second product to get the ultimate eye raising results that tells me they purposely “dumbed down” WOW or Lip & Eye so you have to purchase both to have the “ultimate eye raising results.” (If Lip & Eye came out first they could have still made WOW stronger so you do not have to pair it with Lip & Eye to achieve “ultimate eye raising results” – or if the reason is people may not want “ultimate lip raising results” - lol sorry had to lighten mood – they still could have made WOW as strong as the 2 products are combined. The only reason, in my opinion (which is not worth much haha), is to force consumers to buy both. Anyhoo… back to the subject at hand…)

On the website product page you can Click on “Product Information” and get a PDF with more information than provided on the website – including the ingredients. For some reason it will not let me copy & paste the Ingredient list, and I am feeling lazy lol so I am just going to list the Ingredients that you typically want to avoid/investigate, and in turn why you should avoid this product. You can find the whole ingredient list via the itWorks! website.

Butylene Glycol – there is Limited Data on it which is a red flag, and it is a known Skin, Eye, and Lung Irritant. It is a Fragrance Ingredient.

Sodium Silicate - Rated a Moderate Hazard by EWG.org. It is a Skin, Eye, and Lung Irritant. It can cause Organ Toxicity. And there is Limited Data on it which is a Red Flag.

Magnesium Aluminum Silicate – there is Limited Data…

Phenoxyethanol – Rated a Moderate Hazard by EWG.org. Skin, Eye and Lung Irritant. Can cause Organ System Toxicity. Possible Occupational Hazards. And there is Limited Data on it which is a Red Flag.

Triethanolamine – Rated a Moderate Hazard by EWG.org. Contamination concerns. Organ System Toxicity concerns. And low concerns about Data Gaps.

 Alcohol – what type?

Lecithin – Rated a Moderate Hazard by EWG.org. Please see information: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ingredient/703513/LECITHIN/

1,2-Hexanediol and Caprylyl Glycol – implicit safe concentration limit in product,” EWG.org = Red Flag. Rated a Low Hazard, but there is only Limited Data.

Cellulose Gum – Chemically-Treated Cellulose Derivative.

Disodium Stearoyl Glutamate – There is No Data which is huge Red Flag.

Aluminum Hydroxide – Organ System Toxicity Concerns. Used as colorant.

Iron Oxides – High concerns of Persistence and Bioaccumulation. It can enhance skin absorption (allowing for more toxins etc to absorb into skin). Iron Oxides can cause Organ System Toxicity. It is used as a colorant.

There are 17 Total Ingredients NOT Including the itWorks! Proprietary Blend – none of which I went through. Their blend is another 8 ingredients.

Out of the 17 Ingredients (not part of the itWorks! Proprietary Blend) 12 are Toxic/Harmful/Questionable.

Brass Tax? It is an effective (per customer reviews), short acting solution (long acting if you use all the time, and forever) to “treat” wrinkles IF you do not care about your beauty products (potentially) making you sick.

My suggestion for wrinkles?

Make effective, life long, lifestyle changes.

Here are my Top 10 :-) 

First and foremost – learn to accept, love, and respect yourself <3  Wrinkles are part of us. They are part of our story. Learn to accept, love, and respect them. …go ahead and laugh, but I am for realz ;-) :-) <3

2) Drink lots of Water!

3) Eat a healthy, well balanced diet.

4) Limit Alcohol, Cigarettes, Drugs, Stimulants, and the like.

5) Use Sunscreen.

6) Use Whole Food Nutrition “Supplements” such as the products Juice Plus+ offers.

7) Less Stress. More Sleep.

8) Practice Acceptance (of What Is), Meditation, and Yoga.

9) Use All Natural, Safe Non Toxic Products like those Ava Anderson Non Toxic provides on you, and around your home. Your skin absorbs toxins within 26 seconds! And that includes Air Pollutants/Toxins :-/

10) Smile J At least then your wrinkles will be Smile Lines J Rather than Frown Lines L You chose! ;-)

 What are your suggestions for Skin Health/Anti-Aging?

Would love to hear!

Until next time,

Live. Laugh. Love.

Other Products to Avoid that we have Ingredient Checked Lately:
Younique (see our blog post)
DoTerra  (see our blog post on essential oils)
Scentsy (see our blog post)
Fairy Tales (see our blog post)

(with links shared you should not only look at rating - you should to look at each ingredient and research them... tedious haha but necessary to be an informed consumer.)
Information Sources: EWG.org, TruthInAging.com, Googles Searches


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