Happy Saturday to you! :-D  ;-)
Do you participate in the Month of Thankfulness that has become November on Social Media?
Or is this something you practice year round?
In our house we practice year round. It makes us much happier people.
I really love that (even though it took social media) people do the 30 Days of Thankfulness during November. Its an effective reminder. And hopefully some land up practicing year round. Hopefully some keep the practice going into the New Year.
Being thankful year round does take practice. You must be able to remain in or get yourself back to the present moment. You need to be mindful. And you need to be able to accept what is. So while thankfulness as a concept is simple, it is not always easy to remember to be thankful. Emotions can be ineffective little buggers ;-) but that's where Mindfulness and Acceptance comes in.

Annnnd I am going to stop here as this is a topic we could a write a novel about haha

Before I leave you there is one quick question for you...
What are you Thankful for? :-)

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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