The dreaded "A" word these days...

Abortion is a heated topic.

My views on it...
Personally it is not for me.
I had a miscarriage at 18. And a beautiful son at 23.
With that said, I am Pro Choice.
I know many people whom chose Abortion. It was the best choice for them, and for baby.
For those thinking, "not for baby", this is what I say to you.
Say every women whom had an abortion went full term with the pregnancy and had a baby. This baby now goes into the adoption system.
Do you know how many children already need to be adopted?!?!? And not just here in the United States, but internationally?
Do you know what the foster care system is like?!?!?
Are you going to adopt all the babies that come from unwanted pragnancies?!?!?
And are you going to take responsibility for the deaths of the women who die because they go through illegal abortions once Pro Life advocates get their way?!?!?

Whether Pro Life advocates like it or not, Abortions will continue to happen. There will always be women who feel it is the only answer. This is the reason Abortion was made legal originally. To save lives.

One last thought: do Pro Life advocates realize the Abortion Procedure, the D&C, is the same procedure used for women that have miscarried? Nevermind the women that need abortions/D&C's for health reasons that could result in death if they were to go full term with their pregnancy.

For these reasons, and a few not mentioned here, I am Pro Choice.

This is another topic where people need to learn Acceptance.
Abortion is not going away.
Stop killing the living to try and save unborn lives.
And stop judging those whom chose abortion as you will never know what that women is going through, or has been through.
(Not saying some women don't treat abortion as birth control, but that is not the norm.)

So for all you whom are Pro Life - Accept that Abortion is not going away.
Accept that Abortion is a "Necessary Evil".
Accept that while you don't agree with the idea of Abortion, that Abortion is saving lives in the big picture.
And with the Acceptance process you will stop Judging the women whom chose Abortion, those who work in Abortion clinics, and Abortion in general.

Acceptance is a very powerful tool. It will enable you to find peace.

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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