this will be short and sweet...

Why is it so hard for humans to find balance?
It is all or nothing for us... and that is not how life works in reality people. Just like life is not black and white; there is always grey area.

Take a deep breath.
Get present.
Get mindful.
Is your opinion the only one that matters?
Are your beliefs the only beliefs that matter?
Is your life the only life that matters or your loved ones lives the only lives that matters?

Remember this next time you think it is your way or the highway. It is a process I have to go through everyday, multiple times day ;-)

With the political environment, comments and posts I see, and things I deal with everyday, thought we could all use a reminder, or in some cases a wake up call.

....and I lost my train of thought ;-)

All we really need to take from this is,
Balance is the key to life.

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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