Cowspiracy: my thoughts and questions

My eye are opened after watching this movie, but I am left with a lot of thoughts and questions.

One thing this movie promotes is going to an all plant based diet.
If we switch to all plant based diet we will now need to switch all of our current agriculture over to farming. Farming also requires water. With fruits and vegetables we have pest concerns, as well as issue like salmonella - just like with animal agriculture... so how would it be sustainable to go completely to farming? The impact on the land would not be there, but there are other concerns with pure farming that this documentary and the people involved are ignoring.

Balanced Diet.
Science has proven we need a balanced diet, and that a balanced diet includes animal proteins.
Science has also shown us that human biology thrives from animal proteins - in moderation. Just like anything, moderation is key.

A quote from this movie states that it is not only Cows/Animal Agriculture that is having a negative impact in the environment, but Soy too. Soy is one of the main vegetable proteins used in vegetarian and vegan protein products. So we get rid of animal agriculture, Soy will be farmed more, and how are we any further ahead?

Why can we not figure out how to balance our diets and agriculture? Balance everything we use and do in our daily lives? Why do avid meat eaters think meat is necessary, and vegans think everyone should be plant eaters? Why can we not just all see that balance is the key to a healthy environment and life? We need to give back as much as we take - from the planet and from people.

I am going to use the following analogy and hopefully I do not confuse you haha
The Electric Car.
The Electric Car is a positive step, but it is not the solution.
Where does the electricity come from that charges your car? Oil, Coal, Natural Gases, some Solar, some Wind - but it all has to be processed and in the big picture does not solve our problem as far as automobiles and pollution go.
Now if we could make a truly solar powered car, and figured out how to have solar charge stations when the sun decides to hide for some time, that would be a viable solution. But even solar has it draw backs due to the manufacturing that goes into making solar cells, panels, batteries, storage, and the like.

Balance is the key to life.

A few other thoughts...
This movie promotes Meatless Protein Products. Most products on the market currently contain Gluten as a binder. I am Gluten Intolerant, as are millions of others, so this is not a viable option for us.
Also, may meatless protein options are filled with unhealthy ingredients from preservatives, to binding agents, synthetic ingredients known to be harmful or toxic, and the like. How is this a healthier option? (There are more options coming out all the time, but currently most are not a healthier option then eating humanely raised, healthy, organic meat/animal protein products.)

My thoughts if you chose to eat meat are:

Buy Organic - preferably humanely, grass & pasture raised, no antibiotics, no steroids, etc
Avoid Processed Meats and limit consumption - most are carcinogenic. Not just because of the process that happens when meat is cooked, but also due to the preservatives and similar ingredients
Know Your Ingredients - Read Ingredient Labels!!!

I think I will definitely have to watch this movie more than once. Ton of information and opinions expressed in this very informative documentary.

What did you think of Cowspiracy?

Until next time folks.
Live. Laugh. Love.


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