Another heated subject, Guns.

I do not feel they should be illegal. I do feel we need more effective laws and regulations. This does not mean I want more laws and regulations - I want effective laws and regulations.

One thing I truly believe is that no felon should be allowed to purchase weapons.
Also I believe in Mental Health evaluations - if we need one to face trial, we for sure need one to buy a gun. Many out there should not be allowed to own a gun. And not necessarily because they are mentally ill. Because of how they view weapons, human life, vengeance and the like.
I believe in the registry.
I believe that there should be home checks for parents that are registered gun owners. A lot of school shootings have been due to unlocked gun cabinets (or similar) in homes.
I believe assault rifles, guns, bullets etc that truly only need to be used in war should not be legal for retail consumers.
I believe the government should shift efforts from their war on drugs to a war on weapons.
I believe the government should reassess their drug laws. The war on drugs contributes to our gun problems.
...and that is just a start.

I felt a need to clarify my beliefs on guns in light of everything going on. I do not feel arming emotional masses is a wise idea : that is how innocent people land up hurt, or worse, dead.

We have a military and police force for a reason. Want to protect your family? Join one of the branches and do so.
Talk to your local, state, and federal government about our country defending itself rather than sending all our defenses to other countries.
Stop cutting funding to agencies that can protect us.
And stop spreading hate and rhetoric that only make our internal and external issues worse.
(Deep Breath)
That's my 2 cents on guns ;-)

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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