I could choose to show the pain...

I could choose to outwardly/publicly show how much pain I feel emotionally, mentally, and physically... but if I'm not going to end my life I can't be so selfish as to wallow in that pain and in turn cause more pain to self, and (more importantly) my loved ones.
So today I appear to be doing much better to those around me... but inwardly not much of the pain has been alleviated. Just enough weight has been lifted that I can pull myself up on my own two feet and take some baby steps towards getting healthier again.
I am still struggling with feelings that tell me all would be better off if only someone would lock me away...
Deep breaths. ♡
Though exhausted and ready for the end most of the day, I know giving up is not the answer... no matter what my sick brain keeps telling me...
Just have to keep on keepin' on... that's all we can do.
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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