New Years... 2016... !?!

I feel like just yesterday it was Christmas last year... yet here we are looking at the end of 2015, and 2016 is peaking at us from around the corner.

My 2015, like most of my last 35 years, was a roller coaster ride - to say the least.
We have grown, but we have also taken steps backwards... We have found love, and we have lost love... there have been phenomenally happy times, and extremely sad times... easy times, and times it took every bit of effort just to take our next breath... 2015 was Life.
2015 was also highly educational for us.
I have continued educating myself and my loved ones about healthy living; diet, exercise, whole food nutrition, and more recently, non toxic living... just wish my anxiety was not so that I have not been able to share the healthy & non toxic living message more. Oh I know I share it plenty here, but out in the real world, face to face, m anxieties stop me dead in my tracks more times then I would like to admit. (Do not get me wrong, I have done fairs, art shows, and bazaars this year which previously I did not have to coping skills or confidence to do. But if I were just able to take a few more steps forward in working through my anxiety a lot more people would have heard the healthy & non toxic living message to date.)
So my 2015 Goals would be...

1) Find a new therapist and see them once a week, or bi-weekly so I can work on getting my mental illness symptoms back in check: DBT refresher and learn new coping techniques, and v-e-n-t! (helping me = helps my son, family, loved ones)
2) Get back to super strict diet & yoga routine as it always makes me feel ton better mentally & physically
3) Present 1-3 avaHOUR's a week to share the Non Toxic Living Message, educate as many as I can (live in person, parties, online, or otherwise), and help others make healthier buying choices
4) Make sure I take my Whole Food Nutrition & Vitamin D EVERYDAY! Damn it Sam, you know you feel better when you do!
5) Quit smoking (yes, again! ugh you do not have to tell me mehhhh) 
6) Get my mmj patient registry card renewed (if possible before end of 2015 then do!)
7) Order Whole Food Nutrition Complete Bars and Shake Mix so we can be even healthier, bridge gaps in our diet & health, for on-the-go meals, muscle recovery, vitamin D, etc
8) SNOWBOARD!!! Heal up damn MCL/Knee and get back on the Mtn!!! (once snow melts, HIKE!)
9) If can not snowboard because it will make injury worse, find a winter sport I can do - get off ass!
10) Create! As much as possible!
11) Spend more Quality time with the kiddo <3 <3 <3
12) Live. Laugh. Love. ...More!

12 Goals. 12 months.
...Got this! ...I think ;-)

Now you have my story ;-) I am going to ask you a few questions (that if you have not already), will get you thinking about the year past, and the year coming.

Are you happy with your 2015?
Your growth?
Your goals? 
Acknowledge & Accept what you can not change. 
The things you can change or improve upon make a part of your 2016 goals.
It is not effective to judge ourselves, ruminate on failures, mistakes or similar.

If you answered no, what are your plans to make 2016 better for you?
Or if you were happy with your 2015, but still have things to check off your to-do list, what are your plans for 2016?

Are you interested in starting 2016 healthier? Or making 2016 healthier?
Sick of being sick & tired?
Do you want to make healthier buying choices starting this New Year?
Job got you down? Ready for a career? 

Let's chat! 
I have a few different "plans" for those wanting to make simple changes to become healthier versions of themselves: laid back & easy plans - turn you into a body building dream model plans. Free Plans :-D
Via email I will provide options on how you can manage fatigue, insomnia, pain, mental illness, reduce illness, improve skin, hair & nails, boost your immune sytem, increase attention, and much more. 
Simple, healthy changes is where we start.

Have you considered adding, "Start My Non Toxic Living Journey" to your 2016 goals? As part of making healthier choices, making or purchasing and using Non Toxic Products is an integral part of living as healthy of a lifestyle as one can. I am lucky and have been educated by Ava Anderson Non Toxic (and continue to be educated by them, as well I now do a ton of my own research), and would love to share the information I have on harmful & toxic ingredients, their negative impacts, ingredients to avoid, and more with you; let me help you start your Non Toxic Living Journey. Let me help you and yours be healthier.

If 2016 is your year to leave your stressful, draining, keep-you-from-your-family / keep-you-from-doing-what-you-want-to-do job, and find a career you can be passionate about, let's talk! Even if you just want something part time, a little extra income; have options for all with a young, rapidly growing, health focused, American business. We are making change happen at government levels to benefit the health of the planet & people, while giving Americans the chance to become successful entrepreneurs and in turn educate all about making healthier buying choices. 

Do not wait another year to make your life the life you have always dreamed of. Start making that dream a reality today! We do have the ability to make this choice; choose it.

Until next time folks,
enjoy your holidays!
Let me know if you want to talk about reaching your 2016 Goals :-) 
Live. Laugh. Love.


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