Political Venting

A few things I have to get off my chest...

* taxes - we need taxes people! accept it and stop screaming about taxes being such a horrible thing. tax dollars pay for a wide array of tings from public schools, to prisons, to social programs, to infrastructure, public servants such as our police forces, and the like.
* abortion - we need legalized abortions to stop back alley abortions and the consequences from those, for medical necessity, among other reasons.
* national health care - there is a reason we are the only country without it and why we have the most expensive health care in the world = greed of private insurance companies, private hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, never mind the fact we can not afford our care, don't pay our medical bills and leave the bill for taxes to foot. (another reason we need tax dollars) free market does not work when it comes to health care. everyone deserves health care. period. and a free market does not allow for all to afford health care.
* guns - they will always be legal, but for the love of whomever God, we need effective gun laws & regulations. obviously what we are currently doing is not effective, and we do have a gun/shooting problem. to say otherwise is one blinding themselves to reality and only caring about their right to bare arms no matter the cost & outcome.
* drug war - the drug war makes the drug problem worse, increases crime and our debt (have you seen the reports on the amount of money spent???), ruins live not deserving, worsens the war on guns/weapons, incarcerates people who should not be and raises our spending on the prison system, and enables cartels and the like to maintain power. with that said we do need effective laws & regulations concerning drugs. but we need to end "the war".
* social programs - the only reason to disagree with them is that you are a selfish bastard (sorry, that is totally my opinion). we do need effective policing and application processes, but getting rid of them all together would be detrimental to our economy as a whole. anyone who truly understand economics will agree. and back to taxation, we need tax dollars to pay for the public employees to police the system, and run the programs. one more example of why we need tax dollars. (side thought: drug tests are not viable option for social programs as many are medical marijuana patients and will not pass drug tests - I am one of those people and am on Medicaid.)
* corporation, churches, and similar - should all be taxed like normal businesses! you make a profit? pay your dues! what boggles my mind is that the voters have not made this happen yet as this issue is one voters have control over.
* cannabis - at this point with all the science, studies, and similar that show us all the benefits of cannabis & hemp it is utter lunacy that cannabis is still federally illegal.
* FDA - needs an overhaul!!! the toxic and harmful ingredients allowed in our food and products is disgusting and should be criminal!

....I think that is all for now ;-)

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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