Shootings... Terrorism... What can we do?

Is there really a difference between the actions of groups like ISIS and the 353 mass shootings we have had in the U.S. during 2015???

Some will say there is due to the numbers and scale of violence.
Myself and others say there is no difference.

All of this violence boils down to the same thing:

People or Groups not able to accept others and/or situations for what they are.

For those who follow my blog I am sure you are laughing to yourself and thinking, "here she goes with Acceptance again." And they would be right ;-)

Acceptance is the basis of peace - Internally and Externally.

Simple in idea. Not always an easy practice.

Something that I truly believe in,
If we all learned to truly Accept, Love, and Respect Our Selves, in turn we would learn how to Accept, Love, and Respect Others ♡
The reason I believe in this?
It has worked for me :-)
Not an easy process. And sometimes I have to repeat it with myself and others numerous times in one day. But so long as I practice this process of Acceptance I am able to move past negative emotions. is the reason I no longer resent or hate my son's father and wish harm on him ;-) and that is just one example.

Do you want to see shootings and terror end?

Learn to Accept that we are all different.
Learn to Accept we all have different views.
Learn to Accept we will not always agree with laws, rules, regulations or the like, but that if the majority approves of them, you must Accept so you can have peace, happiness, and not feel the need to hurt others or yourself.
(Side thought with recent events on mind... if it is a law or similar, Act do not React and hurt others. Don't be diluted into thinking your way is the only way. And remember that violence truly is not the answer to solving problems. Become a politician or lobbyist (or similar) if you're that passionate about topics/issues, but don't resort to violence.)

Acceptance is an extremely powerful tool.
Please learn it. And PLEASE use Acceptance.

It is not about what is right or wrong. It is not about what is fair or not. It is about accepting people, things, situations and the like for who and what they are. Not what you think they should be. It is about loosing judgments - of self and others.

Please do not take this as we shouldn't try to Change things for the better. This is about Accepting what you can not change. And everyday we face millions of things that we can not change. Some of us cope. Some of us don't. And even within those two polars, there is grey area. We. Are. All. Different.

I feel like I am rambling so I will end this post here. If I think of more I will be back ;-)

One last thing...
Share Empathy. Share Love. Share Acceptance. Share Compassion.
Do NOT Share Hate. ♡

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love. ♡


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