You know you're loved when...

...someone goes through a major mental illness episode with another and is able to take a step back and say to you, "I know that wasn't you. And I love you!"
I am still struggling with my mental illness revealing itself to me in a new light... still struggling with shame, embarrassment, and back steps in self acceptance, love & respect... still struggling with what seems to be a protective and primal "alter me"... and still think it would be best to hide myself so I can't hurt anyone anymore...
But instead of hiding there is lots of conversation on what to do now, how to help me, and support from the people I hurt most; my loved ones... they give me strength to take another deep breath and keep going. I dont think I can ever express in words how thankful I am for everyone who has ever been support for me when my mental illness (and/or physical conditions) make life difficult for all.
And right now, as it would be so easy for him to run away and never look back,
I am so very thankful for the man I am in love with. The man that is battling his own demons, but continues to choose me & us each day. The man that can see past my mental illness and love me. This man I am so very thankful for, especially right now with all we face.
You know you're loved when someone has seen all your craziness and faults, and can still look you in the eyes and tell you they just want (to help) you to get better and that they love you. ♡
This won't be easy, but we continue to try, and we continue to choose eachother... until Alter Me pulls a knife on him ;-) (that was his way of lightening the mood = love ;-)


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