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Non Toxic Valentine

I came up with a wonderful "Pamper Her" Package idea! ...well at least I think it's wonderful ;-) Non Toxic Candle (Non Toxic Face Cleanser and/or Exfoliator)
Non Toxic Body Scrub
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Dream Cream
Non Toxic Eye Cream
Non Toxic Face Moisturizer Non Toxic Sugar Lip Scrub and/or Lip Gloss Plush, (Organic) Cotton (Face Cloth &) Bath Towel Wrap it all up in the towel with Satin Ribbon and a Rose Voila! :-D Don't know where to find non toxic products?
Go to When you order $95+ in product you will recieve a Free Ava Anderson Non Toxic Face Moisturizer! :-D  Be sure to use Party Code 130028 when you order - we are very close to someone Winning $160 in FREE Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products OR $400 in Products for Only $39.95!!! PLUS 40% Any Other Product You Want! That person could be you!!! :-D
All products have been independently tested and proven Non Toxic.
(Restrictions do apply to Clean Sweep Drawing. Please ask.) …

Another Gluten Comment

I saw this on Facebook...

There is not Gluten Allergy, per se. There is a Wheat Allergy. You also have; Gluten Intolerance/Sensitivity, Wheat Intolerance/Sensitivity, Celiac Disease.
What is Gluten? A Protein found in Wheat and Grains.
I am gluten intolerant. Am also dairy intolerant. And stuff like glucose, sucrose, fructose, preservatives, food dyes, and the like all make my chronic conditions worse/flare.
There is more to it then "we have been eating bread for years". For starters, many grains that now have gluten protein did not always. Cross contamination from years of industrialized agriculture has messed with the original structure of many grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. (Never mind what Monsanto has done ugh) As well, gluten (thank science) is a wonderful binding agent so it is used in soooooooooooooo many processed food and drink products; not only as a binding agent in those products themselves, but gluten (protein) is also in preservatives and similar. So (I think p…

Oat, Fruit, Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hello! :-)I decided to do some late night baking last night, specifically chocolate chip cookies, and as I was getting my ingredients out noticed I was out of vanilla... what to do? Well I used the Ghirardelli recipe and altered it... I used/added/substituted:  1 cup of ground organic seed clusters 3 TSP Coconut Oil 3 Oz Applesauce (used strawberry - blueberry applesauce)
I also used Pamela's (Gluten Free) Artisan Flour Blend
Everything else remained the same :-)
Enjoy!!! :-D

Choose... Me.

I have always loved this quote... now it really works in regards to my relationship... I feel this way about my boyfriend... and I am always begging him to "Choose Him; Choose Us; Choose Me." Have you felt this way before?


I'm excited to move forward and carry on the torch for an inspiring young lady that created big waves in the industry. I am confident we will continue to make a difference by educating and serving others. A big thank you to Ava and her family for all they have done and huge sacrifices they've made the past 6 years. The ava shopping cart is back online and we are continuing until Feb 29th, then transitioning to a new name, but with the same fabulous safe products, same home office and staff and same amazing team and we will continue on this journey.

Think You May Have A Deficiency?

If you think you may have a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency please go see a doctor and have your levels tested. As someone whom has chronic deficiencies, it's not something to mess with. You need professional monitoring; It is very easy to go from deficiency to excess - and neither is healthy. Both options have negative (health) repercussions.
Pleeeeeease talk to your doc before trying supplements, vitamins, or "miracle products" - even if you don't think you're deficient. Side Info: Many of the vitamins/minerals we are deficient in can be "boosted" by simply changing our eating habits/diet and getting more sun.
Also, a deficiency could mean bigger problems. This is why you always want to talk to a doc! Side Note: Whole Food Nutrition (that we take, and sell), is not a "supplement" or "vitamin", per se. It is Whole Food Nutrition from Fruits & Vegetables (and healthy grains). It is phytonutrients and antioxidants. But with tha…

Ava Anderson Non Toxic

A message to Ava Anderson® Hosts and Customers,Thank you for your business and your faith and trust in our mission of safe products, free of harmful chemicals. I am writing to inform you that the company (known as Ava Anderson LLC) will move forward without the Anderson Family. After 6 years of dedication and love, the family has made the difficult decision to step aside and no longer take this journey with us.However, the good news, even in this most challenging hour, is that our journey and mission will transition with a new name and new brand.     The company’s Management Team is now working diligently to continue offering the great products you have experienced over the past six years under a new business entity.It is our intention to transfer all the wonderful aspects of this company – including our products and business opportunity – with careful attention and under the dedicated eye of new leadership, with a collective 150 years of direct selling experience.
We appreciate your …

It's all about the Ingredients

Want help reading your ingredient labels? I am here to help ♡
Let me know the product and I will do a review of the ingredients here on the blog. January Party Code 130028 A New Concept Salon, Silverthorne, Colorado  When you know better, you can do better ♡  ...and this is just a start... there are thousands of toxic and harmful ingredients in the products manufacturers sell to consumers.

Best Friends

I am very lucky and thankful that I can say I have more then one person in my life I consider a Best Friend. They have been in my life for varying lengths of time. Some new friends, some old. But all have one thing in common; they accept me, they love me, and when a friend is needed, they are there no matter distance.

There is one person though that has become the sister I never had... the older, bitchy sister that kicks my ass while she hugs me tightly and tells me she loves me ;-)

This person was not always a friend, to say the least lol when she first moved to Breckenridge during 1998 our personalities "clashed". Her strong, out going, out spoken, New York personality was like sand paper to my silk(y personality); shy, quiet spoken, and intimidated.
But since I was in a relationship with her child hood friend this "brash" female was not going to be leaving my life anytime soon... and turns out, that was fine by me.

She helped me through the break up with her…

Survive Storms Together


Some Thoughts on Starbucks

Maybe the headline should be, Some Rants About Starbucks ;-)

I have never been, and am still not a fan of Starbucks.
They may have started off as a small business, but they quickly turned themselves into The Coffee Service Industry's Monopolizing Company - in my opinion.

I come from a few different angles... all my opinion (though based on fact).

For starters, not a fan of their coffee. And anyone I know whom is a true-dyed-in-the-wool Coffee enthusiast agrees with me on the quality and taste of their coffee/roasts.
Secondly, if you drink anything off their menu other then tea or coffee you are drinking a day or more worth of calories - Starbucks is incredibly unhealthy!!! (Let's not even get started on the Harmful & Toxic Ingredients in their products.)
Third, they are a brand name and no matter what story Starbucks tries to sell the general public, they do NOT help locally owned/small coffee shops. Example: People come to Summit County and see that Logo and they kn…

Anxiety & Depression

I find this to be very true... What are your thoughts & feelings about Anxiety and Depression?

Soy Sugar Snap Peas

Hello! :-) I shared a pic on Instagram today (below) and told followers I would share the recipe for the peas pictured here on the blog, so shall we share? ;-) Okeechobee,
I don't measure with this. Eyeball it. What you need:
Sugar Snap Peas
Onion - large slices/chunks
Minced Garlic
Sesame Oil
Soy Sauce
Kosher Salt Heat sesame oil in a pan.
Add minced garlic.
Add onion.
Cook until onion soft.
Add pepper and salt.
Add snap peas.
Heat until peas swear and add soy sauce.
Cook until peas are desired tenderness. I like them heated but still a little crunchy. Serve and enjoy! I had mine with leftover meatloaf that was pan seared and topped with sharp cheddar = nom nom nom ;-) Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

When You Find That Awesome Friend, and Non Toxic DIY's

You are not mistaken, the headline is multi tasking just like my brain ;-) gotta love the bipolar brain haha ....anyhoooooo ;-) Share your Non Toxic DIY Recipes with us! :-D And/or your favorite Non Toxic Products! Our favorite products so far are the Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products. (Check out the Clean Sweep Drawing we have going on!) Ideas / DIY Recipes for the home? Here are a couple we use and love :-) Check out our recent blog post, Rudy's Facial Cleanser Go-To Cleaning Product for everything but Granite/Marble and the like: Vinegar, Lemon Juice, (Non Toxic) Dish Soap, Water Mix Need to scrub? Use Baking Soda with (soda) water or the above cleaning mix We have more ideas/DIY recipe's on our Pinterest : so much more then just great All Natural DIY Recipes! ...and my brain just decided it is bed time ;-) haha So I guess it is time for me to say, Until next time folks, Live. Laugh. Love. Make sure to share your fave non toxic products and/or DIY's with us! :-D

When You Know Better, You Want To Do Better


Meal Idears

(I'm silly so yes I meant to type, Idears ;-) ) Lately I have not had the time to take pics of meals and share recipes, but here are a few Meal Idears for you :-) MEATLOAF
Use the Joy of Cooking base recipe
Changes: We used 16 Oz of Organic Beef and 16 Oz of Organic Pork
Add (1 tbsp) Worcestershire Sauce
Reduce Onion by 1/4 cup and Add 1/2 cup grated/chopped carrots (we used mini food processor for onion and carrot)
Replace Thyme with Herbs de Provence
We used freshly ground pepper and kosher salt
Top loaf with bacon once in the pan - just single layer, and not woven
We used gluten free bread crumbs Enjoy! :-D BRATS & ROOT VEGGIE MASH
Boulder Sausage Beer Bratwurst Frozen Organic Root Vegetable Mix (we get ours at Costco) cooked, mashed and add: butter/choice of oil, minced garlic, onion (powder), freshly ground pepper, Mediterranean pink salt, paprika, fresh basil. Pick your favorite mustard to accompany the meal :-)  Enjoy! :-D ☆ Lemon - Berry Soda Water ☆
Club So…

Successful Woman


avaBABY Diaper Cream Testimonial

My Oma gave my cousins Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products as gifts. One of those products was the Ava Anderson Non Toxic Diaper Cream.
My cousins wife messaged me a few days ago asking if I knew of anything that would take care of a skin sensitivity/rash around the mouth from salivia/snot (for their 1+ year old son).
I recommended she use the diaper cream she received from my Oma. Yesterday I messaged my cousins wife to check in and see if the diaper cream helped. Her answer, "Yes, Thank you! It helped a lot!" One more testimonial towards the efficacy of avaBABY Diaper Cream. :-D Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. Live in Summit County, Colorado, and looking for Child Care Providers that use (Ava Anderson) Non Toxic Products? The team at the sam-e boutique are your babysitters!  For more Ava Anderson Non Toxic Product Testimonials/Reviews check out the AANT Blog :-)

Gift Coupons?

Like a Gift Certificate, but Coupons.

Our budget for Christmas was extremely tight! Our solution was to make a lot of our gifts this year (which when I think about it, we do a lot anyways).

We made a Mason Jar Gift as one of the gifts.
One of the items we put in the Mason Jar Gift we made as my sons Dad & Step Mum's Christmas Gift was a Booklet of Coupons (from my son). The coupons varied from things like Movie Night, to Dad & Son Days, to Helping his Step Mum with Cleaning. I found a template in Publisher that I used and just personalized for my kiddo.

Below is one of the pages we printed... Feel free to copy our idea :-)

Check out our post Mason Jar Gift Post :-)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Clean Sweep!

☆☆☆ #NonToxicNewYear :-) Mystery Host Drawing ☆☆☆
Make a Clean Sweep and Go Non Toxic in 2016 :-D
Code: 130028

10 Days In...

Here we are. January 10th, 2016 already... already 10 Days in... :-/ :-P ;-) I am realizing my depression is worse then I thought... and of course mix rapid cycling in and we have fun times ugh Insomnia, and now Hypersomnia also
Lack of Motivation to get things done I know need to be done
No passion for my hobbies... I can't paint or create...
Lashed out when I drank other night (went out for food with a friend... had drinks... met up with the boyfriend and landed up (according to him) trying to hit him over him simply asking I don't drive... why is it my anger/sadness/frustration/issues in my waking or sober life come out in a blacked out - violent alter Sam when I drink???) Ugh so I am back to making the choice not to drink at all, again.
Today I am going to force myself to get this list of phone calls made so I can finally get my knee injury figured out.
As well I will make sure to take my Whole Food Nutrition Capsules and my Vitamin D.
Already today I forced mys…


I have a "Challenge" for you. Grab products from around your home.
Look at the ingredients.
Do you see Fragrance/Scent/Perfume/Parfum or like word? Did you know manufacturers use these terms as catch all phrases? Words to protect their "trade secret"?
Did you also know that those words actually represent many other ingredients? Many of which are known harmful/toxic ingredients. ...Allergens. Endocrine disruptors. And more. Always (try to) avoid products with these catch all terms. It is how they get away with hiding ingredients that can harm your health, and/or the environment. Please take a minute to check out the info graphics in this post. I think many of you will be surprised, some shocked, and most disgusted with the toxic chemicals/ingredients companies are putting in the products we use day to day.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask; I am here to help ♡ Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love. 
Looking for effective products that are…

Choosing Love

Things have calmed down a bit since I last owned my story here... and we are choosing love and our relationship even though the last 11 months have been one hell of a roller coaster ride.Making this choice was not easy for either of us. We both looked at each other and asked the question, "Just because we are in love, are we healthy for each other?" We choose to find out rather then call it quits. Will this be easy?
No. It never will be.
I have rapid cycling bipolar 1 disorder.
He has depression issues and needs to learn how to cope rather then trying to drink his problems, feelings and emotions away.
And we have my kiddo that has his own battles, nevermind loving the two of us.
But the three of us together are choosing to fight for our little family. (With everything that has gone in the last year I have realized a few things about my mental & physical health:
No matter what anyone says about my diet and health choices I need to stick to my guns, and routine, or my men…

Non Toxic New Year Part 3

Alrighty, entry 3 for Non Toxic New Year :-)
Did you know that your personal and hone care products (from shampoo to antibacterial wipes to make up) contain carcinogenic ingredients, neurotoxins, endocrine disruptors and allergens that could be downright hazardous to your health?
Below you will find 2 inforgraphics listing just a few of the harmful & toxic ingredients you may find in the products you use everyday.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask; I am here to help ♡
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

Non Toxic New Year Part 2

Here are the info graphics for yesterday and today :-D
These are just some of the harmful & toxic ingredients you may find in these products.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask; I am here to help ♡

Non Toxic New Year

Yesterday I started using my Facebook profile picture as a means to educate more people about the harmful & toxic ingredients in the products we use everyday.
7 days of Non Toxic Messages
In this post I will share the profile pic that is currently up and the profile pic that will go up once the 24 hours is up (in approximately 6 hours).
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask; I am here to help ♡
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.