Another Gluten Comment

I saw this on Facebook...

There is not Gluten Allergy, per se. There is a Wheat Allergy.
You also have; Gluten Intolerance/Sensitivity, Wheat Intolerance/Sensitivity, Celiac Disease.

What is Gluten? A Protein found in Wheat and Grains.

I am gluten intolerant. Am also dairy intolerant. And stuff like glucose, sucrose, fructose, preservatives, food dyes, and the like all make my chronic conditions worse/flare.

There is more to it then "we have been eating bread for years".
For starters, many grains that now have gluten protein did not always. Cross contamination from years of industrialized agriculture has messed with the original structure of many grains, vegetables, fruits, etc. (Never mind what Monsanto has done ugh) As well, gluten (thank science) is a wonderful binding agent so it is used in soooooooooooooo many processed food and drink products; not only as a binding agent in those products themselves, but gluten (protein) is also in preservatives and similar. So (I think part of) the problem is that the gluten protein, until the last 50 years, was only a minimal part of our diet.
Something else to remember is that each person is different.
As well, food intolerances, sensitivities, and allergies have always been around. With our (excuse my language but...) shit food supply & diets these health issues/problems have become more prevalent.

So I ask you, rather than make fun of those of us with g.i. issues lol how about you get on the FDA and government about what they have and are allowing to happen within our food supply??? ....just sayin' ;-)

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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