Best Friends

I am very lucky and thankful that I can say I have more then one person in my life I consider a Best Friend. They have been in my life for varying lengths of time. Some new friends, some old. But all have one thing in common; they accept me, they love me, and when a friend is needed, they are there no matter distance.

There is one person though that has become the sister I never had... the older, bitchy sister that kicks my ass while she hugs me tightly and tells me she loves me ;-)

This person was not always a friend, to say the least lol when she first moved to Breckenridge during 1998 our personalities "clashed". Her strong, out going, out spoken, New York personality was like sand paper to my silk(y personality); shy, quiet spoken, and intimidated.
But since I was in a relationship with her child hood friend this "brash" female was not going to be leaving my life anytime soon... and turns out, that was fine by me.

She helped me through the break up with her childhood friend. She helped me when I found out I was pregnant with my son. She was there for me when I found out my sons father was cheating on me. She was there for us during the 5 years of abuse I put my son & I through with my ex. She was also there for us when I finally had the strength to leave that relationship. She has been there for me through boyfriends since, life trials, all of the crap that I get myself into due to having Bipolar and not always coping effectively. She has been there for me through the last year roller coaster ride, and I know she will be there for me/us in the future too.

This person is my best friend. She is my sister. She is family until the end.
I am so very thankful for her!

Share your best friend story with us :-)


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