Gift Coupons?

Like a Gift Certificate, but Coupons.

Our budget for Christmas was extremely tight! Our solution was to make a lot of our gifts this year (which when I think about it, we do a lot anyways).

We made a Mason Jar Gift as one of the gifts.
One of the items we put in the Mason Jar Gift we made as my sons Dad & Step Mum's Christmas Gift was a Booklet of Coupons (from my son). The coupons varied from things like Movie Night, to Dad & Son Days, to Helping his Step Mum with Cleaning. I found a template in Publisher that I used and just personalized for my kiddo.

Below is one of the pages we printed... Feel free to copy our idea :-)

Check out our post Mason Jar Gift Post :-)
Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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