Meal Idears

(I'm silly so yes I meant to type, Idears ;-) )
Lately I have not had the time to take pics of meals and share recipes, but here are a few Meal Idears for you :-)
Use the Joy of Cooking base recipe
We used 16 Oz of Organic Beef and 16 Oz of Organic Pork
Add (1 tbsp) Worcestershire Sauce
Reduce Onion by 1/4 cup and Add 1/2 cup grated/chopped carrots (we used mini food processor for onion and carrot)
Replace Thyme with Herbs de Provence
We used freshly ground pepper and kosher salt
Top loaf with bacon once in the pan - just single layer, and not woven
We used gluten free bread crumbs
Enjoy! :-D
Boulder Sausage Beer Bratwurst
Frozen Organic Root Vegetable Mix (we get ours at Costco) cooked, mashed and add: butter/choice of oil, minced garlic, onion (powder), freshly ground pepper, Mediterranean pink salt, paprika, fresh basil.
Pick your favorite mustard to accompany the meal :-) 
Enjoy! :-D
☆ Lemon - Berry Soda Water ☆
Club Soda
Lemon Wedge - squeezed
Halve blackberries and strawberries
Add basil for extra flavor :-)
Add clear rum or vodka for a refreshing and light adult beverage ;-)
Enjoy! :-D


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