Non Toxic Valentine

I came up with a wonderful "Pamper Her" Package idea! ...well at least I think it's wonderful ;-)
Non Toxic Candle
(Non Toxic Face Cleanser and/or Exfoliator)
Non Toxic Body Scrub
Ava Anderson Non Toxic Dream Cream
Non Toxic Eye Cream
Non Toxic Face Moisturizer
Non Toxic Sugar Lip Scrub and/or Lip Gloss
Plush, (Organic) Cotton (Face Cloth &) Bath Towel
Wrap it all up in the towel with Satin Ribbon and a Rose
Voila! :-D
Don't know where to find non toxic products?
Go to 
When you order $95+ in product you will recieve a Free Ava Anderson Non Toxic Face Moisturizer! :-D 
Be sure to use Party Code 130028 when you order - we are very close to someone Winning $160 in FREE Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products OR $400 in Products for Only $39.95!!! PLUS 40% Any Other Product You Want! That person could be you!!! :-D 

All products have been independently tested and proven Non Toxic. 

(Restrictions do apply to Clean Sweep Drawing. Please ask.)
Do you know what is in the products you and your Valentine use everyday??? :-/
Go Big. Go Small. Just Go Non Toxic. 


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