Some Thoughts on Starbucks

Maybe the headline should be, Some Rants About Starbucks ;-)

I have never been, and am still not a fan of Starbucks.
They may have started off as a small business, but they quickly turned themselves into The Coffee Service Industry's Monopolizing Company - in my opinion.

I come from a few different angles... all my opinion (though based on fact).

For starters, not a fan of their coffee. And anyone I know whom is a true-dyed-in-the-wool Coffee enthusiast agrees with me on the quality and taste of their coffee/roasts.
Secondly, if you drink anything off their menu other then tea or coffee you are drinking a day or more worth of calories - Starbucks is incredibly unhealthy!!! (Let's not even get started on the Harmful & Toxic Ingredients in their products.)
Third, they are a brand name and no matter what story Starbucks tries to sell the general public, they do NOT help locally owned/small coffee shops. Example: People come to Summit County and see that Logo and they know what to expect. They do not know what to expect from a local shop. So where do the majority of the people go? Starbucks.
Fourth angle, Starbucks is the McDonalds of the Fast Food-Coffee Industry. They are low quality, high output. "It can't be low quality when it tastes so good!!!" ...LMAO!!! I could say the same for McDonalds as I cannot lie; that nasty, toxic crap they call food tastes gooooooooood :-P
Fifth goes along with Fourth; they are now just like McDonalds - every freaking corner a Starbucks is popping up. They have drive through windows. ...They are monopolizing their side of the coffee industry, and it is all because the American Consumer casts their vote for this with every dollar spent at a Starbucks.
...I will end my rant here...

What brought this post on?
I have a few friends whom are baristas and/or own their own Coffee Shops, and they always share their thoughts, blogs & articles they read, and the like in regards to their industry and Starbucks.
The latest, "How Baristas Feel About Starbucks' New Latte Macchiato."
Baristas are dreading the influx of people who think this Latte Macchiato is a real coffee drink (that all shops offer) and expect Non-Starbucks Baristas to make Latte Macchiato's in their coffee shops. When they can not/will not these customers throw tantrums (of one degree or another), and too many go on to sites like Yelp and give bad reviews. What frustrates me to no end is that this is all because Starbucks has enabled (entitled) uneducated and fad coffee consumers to think they should be able to order any drink Starbucks offers at any coffee shop they go into. ...And even crazier, these same customers seem to also expect Starbucks fast food service at small, local shops. Quality not Quantity people. If it frustrates me to see/hear about this kind of behavior, imagine how it makes the baristas feel.
...annnnd I will end that rant there... ;-)

Confession: I have drank Starbucks drinks and have eaten some of their food products. But they were bought for me, or it was the only option around us - which sadly is the case in some areas.

Now I know many will be screaming about free market and the like, but to those people I say - business and the economy requires balance. Companies like Starbucks throws the balance off within their industry. (Yes, yes I know what I speak of. I have been to school for business, accounting/bookkeeping, business management, economics, etc. Please do not judge/attack my intelligence just because you may not agree with me; happens all the time.)

Some ending thoughts...
If Starbucks is your only option, I understand if you get your coffee drinks from their shops. But if you live somewhere with small/local coffee shops, please try them all out and find one that you love. You will enjoy the product & experience more, and you will be putting more back into your community with every dollar spent (at local businesses).
Also, if you are a Starbucks customer and patronize other coffee shops, please Do Not Ever compare those shops to Starbucks. Do Not EVER give a bad review because you did not get fast food service at a small shop; these shops are about quality, they are not "burn n turn". And Do NOT EVER go into a coffee shop and order items from Starbucks; each coffee shop has their own delicious offerings and menu. (Widen your damn horizons people!)
...and another rant over ;-)

Starbucks is widely successful because they are smart business people whom know their demographics and market; stump them! Make them think! Make them realize you are smarter then they give you credit for; please do not fall for their marketing and fast food service ploys.

Every dollar you spend casts a vote for type of world you want - remember that!

Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.

(My comments regarding Starbucks customers are generalized. Obviously I know not all are like this.)


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