Think You May Have A Deficiency?

If you think you may have a vitamin and/or mineral deficiency please go see a doctor and have your levels tested. As someone whom has chronic deficiencies, it's not something to mess with. You need professional monitoring; It is very easy to go from deficiency to excess - and neither is healthy. Both options have negative (health) repercussions.
Pleeeeeease talk to your doc before trying supplements, vitamins, or "miracle products" - even if you don't think you're deficient.

Side Info: Many of the vitamins/minerals we are deficient in can be "boosted" by simply changing our eating habits/diet and getting more sun.
Also, a deficiency could mean bigger problems. This is why you always want to talk to a doc!

Side Note: Whole Food Nutrition (that we take, and sell), is not a "supplement" or "vitamin", per se. It is Whole Food Nutrition from Fruits & Vegetables (and healthy grains). It is phytonutrients and antioxidants. But with that said, with being nutrition from fruits & veggies there are vitamins in the product. Vitamins C, A, E, and Folate. I had all my levels tested before starting my Whole Food Nutrition regimen.
(I have a chronic Vitamin D Deficiency. We keep a close eye on it and my blood is tested every time I am in to see my GP. My deficiency is not due to the normal causes. We have not figured out the cause yet. But we do know it fluctuates, easily. I have to take anywhere from 1000 IU to 6000 IU of Vitamin D a day depending on where my blood levels are. My docs also monitor and have me take; Magnesium and B Vitamins.)

Questions? Here to help!

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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