When You Find That Awesome Friend, and Non Toxic DIY's

You are not mistaken, the headline is multi tasking just like my brain ;-) gotta love the bipolar brain haha ....anyhoooooo ;-)
Share your Non Toxic DIY Recipes with us! :-D And/or your favorite Non Toxic Products!
Our favorite products so far are the Ava Anderson Non Toxic Products.
(Check out the Clean Sweep Drawing we have going on!)
Ideas / DIY Recipes for the home?
Here are a couple we use and love :-)
Check out our recent blog post, Rudy's Facial Cleanser
Go-To Cleaning Product for everything but Granite/Marble and the like: Vinegar, Lemon Juice, (Non Toxic) Dish Soap, Water Mix
Need to scrub? Use Baking Soda with (soda) water or the above cleaning mix
...and my brain just decided it is bed time ;-) haha
So I guess it is time for me to say,
Until next time folks,
Live. Laugh. Love.
Make sure to share your fave non toxic products and/or DIY's with us! :-D


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