One foot in front of the other

This week has been full of effective choices and ineffective.
While I got in to see a therapist Monday, got on a med for anxiety & depression, made an appointment to see a therapist this afternoon, did intake to see a psychiatrist, and am supposed to start a group for abused women Monday, and a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy group Tuesday; I also made the ineffective choice to drink twice this week... not smart, and (due to some things that came to light yesterday) landed up triggered again. Once again, my own worst enemy.
Why do I drink when I know it will only make me feel worse overall?
Usually for me it's either to be social (helps me overcome my anxiety and fact I am introverted), or drink away my problems - which backfires about 80% of the time as alcohol is a depressant.
Thankfully I had it in me to cut myself off yesterday. My son was fed by 7 pm (he had to stay late after school and then played with a friend for a bit). I was in bed by 9 pm, and up at 6 am with my son this morning. Since he left for school I have been trying to not stew inside my own head... (as I have done every morning and day since this episode began...) trying to find my passion again... or even just some motivation... but I'm not forcing myself, and am just putting one foot in front of the other. Baby steps to success.

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.

I would like to take a second to thank everyone whom has been here for me during this episode. From messages to visits, and making sure I go to & keeping me company at doctor offices; THANK YOU!!! ♡ 
I would also like to thank everyone whom is there for me every day of the year ♡ 
It takes a village ♡


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