"Nurturers are quiet people who believe in order and diligently look after the people they care about. They focus on the needs of others and establish routines to help them meet their commitments." ~ BBC

Are you a nurturer?
I am. The problem with being a nurturer is figuring out boundaries so you don't land up in (unhealthy) codependent relationships - whether romantic, family, or friendship. (You don't want to land up like me haha)

Things to ask yourself, and be brutally honest with yourself :
Do I love myself?
Am I taking care of myself (first)?
Why am I caring for this/these person/people?

If you answered No to the first question back away and learn Self Love. It takes Self Acceptance, and is a life long journey, but one can honestly tell if they truly have Self Love or not. Self Love is needed for healthy relationships.

If you answered No to the second question back away and start caring for yourself before others. Self Care is very important. If we are not mentally & physically healthy our health will falter the more we put others first and ignore our own health.

Do you honestly know why you help others? Is it selfish? Non selfish?
In my personal opinion, and in many professionals opinions, it should be a balance of both. Like anything in life, Balance is key.

That's the short & sweet of it ;-) :-)

Until next time,
Live. Laugh. Love.


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