Pure Haven Essentials Moisturizing Mask Label Correction

Moisturizing Mask label correction:
We wanted to inform you that there are errors on the ingredient label of the Pure Haven Essentials Moisturizing Mask.

The correct ingredients are: kaolin clay, bentonite clay, aveena sativa (organic oat) kernel flour, ubiquinone (COQ10), aloe barbadensis leaf extract (organic).

Water was inadvertently added as the first ingredient and bentonite clay was left off of the current label. In addition, on the new label, the terminology for aloe has been corrected as has the weight. The correct net weight is .75 oz.
For your information, bentonite clay is composed of aged volcanic ash and is used in combination with kaolin clay to detoxify and cleanse the skin.
Please note: We are going above & beyond for our customers! Anyone who purchased and already received a Pure Haven Essentials Moisturizing Mask will be receiving a new correctly-labeled Mask, along with an additional corrected label to affix to their current Mask bottle.



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