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(Un)Refined Sugars

A few weeks ago it was suggested that we try going Refined Sugar Free for our Physical & Mental Health... so far, barring a few awesome sweet cravings lol, the endeavor is going well! When we made the choice to remove refined sugars from our diet we were pretty much out of food in the house (due to travelling for the week + previous to the decision), so it made the task much easier.
Now, (my boyfriend is back and refuses to give up some of his junk-food-vices (lol)), but otherwise our kitchen is filled with fruits, vegetables, some cheese (we LOVE our cheese even though our tummies don't lol meh), the last of our pre-made gluten free bread, organic tortilla chips, the last of our gluten free seed crackers, and a few meat products. ...not even a box of Mac N Cheese ;-)

Going forward I will make bread for us. As well I plan to learn how to make crackers, pasta (unless I can find gluten free in store that does not have "no-no ingredients", and we actually enjoy), a…

Non Toxic Men

For discerning men who want great products that are also safe, Pure Haven Essentials Products are just what you have been searching for. Here are a few of Pure Haven Essentials exciting New Products that I think the discerning man will love:
I know a lot of beardies out there ;-) Care for your beard with only the best; Non Toxic, Pure Haven Essentials Beard Balm. Perfect for all hair and skin types; Hydrate with 100% Moroccan Argan Oil! Essential Oils are for Men too. Pure Haven Essentials has a full line of amazing Essential Oils and Oil Blends. Perfect for home and/or body. (Some essential oils (blends) are not meant for skin contact as they can cause skin sensitivity/reactions.) And our Improved Moisturizing Hand Soap: If you are like my boyfriend, you insist on hand soap by the bathroom & kitchen sink. Here is an all natural, non toxic, gluten free, vegan (friendly) Moisturizing Hand Soap that we think all will love, from Pure Haven Essentials. And a few of our Original…

All New Products Announced!

April really has been an Amazing Month at Pure Haven Essentials! So many awesome new products announced, amazing deals, and at conference they announced more awesome New Products!
Here are the Highlights :
Strong Hold Hair Spray
Regular Hold Hair Spray
Lightweight, all-natural formula to give your hair the volume and hold you want.
Our citrus-scented Strong Hold formula provides all-day hold. Our lavender-scented Regular Hold formula offers touchable hold. Perfect for all hair types; safe for color-treated hair.Clear Shine Lip Gloss
You can call this your everyday, go-to gloss – beautiful alone or in combination with one of our Tinted Lip Balms.Surface Cleaner
This all-natural surface cleaner, made without harmful chemicals, is hard on dirt, yet gentle on you, your family, and the environment. Fresh, clean lemon scent. Safe for wood, hardwood, floors, granite, tile, porcelain, and more. Effectively cleans countertops, high chairs, toys, bathroom fixtures, electronics, and more.Cedarwood…


As I speak to my father we can not stop asking the questions,
"Do American voters realize the President really has no power? Do they realize that the power sits in the Congress? Do they realize that the personality of the President very much represents the type of President they will be? And do Americans who scream about Socialism actually understand the definition of the term, and do they understand the definition of the word Society (and remember we are The American Society)?" I beg of each American Voter to answer these questions. If you can not honestly & factually answer them PLEASE do your research before casting another vote. Whether you support Trump, Bernie or another; (re)educate yourself on the American Political System, and what the definitions of Socialism and Society truly are. Then try to put your own selfish wants, religious beliefs (as no matter how firmly you believe religion & politics go hand and hand, they do NOT - if you believe they do PLEASE …

Amazing April

A little collage of all the amazing shares and deals going on at Pure Haven Essentials during April. Some we have shared before, some are new! For more information please visit my Pure Haven Essentials Website.When ordering use Party Code 146305 to be entered for a chance to WIN my Amazing April Mystery Host Rewards Giveaway! (Party Code must reach $300 in sales for Giveaway to happen : Winner will recieve FREE Non Toxic Products and Huge Discounts on Unlimited Non Toxic Products!)

Some of my fave shares lately

Some of my favorite shares on social media lately... some are a little out there lol so I hope no one is offended/grossed out... apologies if you are ♡ ...buuut if you follow this blog, it won't be the first time :-P and it won't be the last ;-) Be totally honest, these 2 were my profile pictures lol but I LOVE them haha so they go here :-) ;-)

Nutritional Rebalancing

I have shared my "diet plan" here a few times. What I tell all if they want to look and feel better? Balance.
Healthy diet. Stay hydrated. Use high quality vitamins/supplements. Get daily exercise/physical activity. Restive sleep is very important. Yoga. Therapy. And for optimum results, you make this a lifestyle and live it everyday. (I'm currently crawling my way back on the healthy band wagon... meh lol)Here is an article that I thought expressed the same ideas, but with their own twist. I fully agree with this article, and am proof that one doesn't need diet products to loose weight, be healthy, and happy. (So long as I stick to my healthy lifestyle plan, my varying medical conditions are kept in check, my skin, hair and nails are healthy, I feel good and I look good!) Here we go...Nutritional Rebalancing Combine nutrition with a healthy lifestyle and what do you get? A balanced life, where you can reclaim your life!Do you want to feel better? Why?Maybe you don&#…

Root Vegetable Fried Rice

I had a craving for fried rice, looked in my fridge and freezer, and came up with this yummy creation.Ingredients:
Organic Root Vegetable Mix - we get one from Costco that has orange carrots, parsnips, yellow carrots, and sweet potatoes
Snap Peas
Radish Sprouts - cooked in mixture, and if desired, for garnishSesame Oil
(Gluten Free) Soy Sauce
Minced Garlic
Crushed Red Pepper
Chili Powder
Crushed Black Pepper
Mediterranean Pink Sea Salt
Egg (Omit for Vegan recipe) Directions:
Steam Root Vegetable Mix and Rice.
When rice & veggie mix almost ready,
I heat the garlic and onion up in the sesame oil in saute pan, or wok.
Add rice & veggie mixture to pan, and mix thoroughly with oil, garlic and onion.
Add Spinach, Snap Peas, and some Radish Sprouts.
Season to taste with soy sauce and seasonings.
I fry & break up my egg in the center of the pan while the rice & veggie mix is frying, and then mix the fried egg through out the mixture.

Never push a crazy b*tch

While I hate being referred to as crazy, and enjoy being described as bitch about as much; nevermind the combination of the two - as someone with Bipolar 1 Disorder and PTSD there are times I am triggered/pushed/tested to the point I can not control my emotions. Included in the encompassing term emotions is anger. Sometimes it is like it is not me. And at times I black out. This is why the quote below hit home for me. I have an inner Hulk that can come out. Do you have an inner Hulk?
How do you cope with triggers? I try to walk away ;-)
Many times going through the Acknowledge, Accept - it is what it is, process works. But there are times a little more is needed; especially while going through the acceptance process.
Concentrating on even breathing has helped me. And now, my new therapist has me working on Belly Breathing (while you breathe in & out, breathe into your tummy. Do this by sticking out your tummy as you breathe in AND out), which is working wonderfully right now - …